Ideas for Bride’s Hands

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Your Wedding day is the most special day in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to look her best on this day. Indian brides love to decorate each and every part of their body from their hands to nose to even feet. To beautify their hands they put henna also known as Mehendi on their hands.  Henna is basically a traditional art of skin decoration popular in India as well as Middle East. The relatives and the friends of the bride put Mehendi on her hand. This tradition symbolizes journey from childhood into adulthood. Very intricate designs are made on the hand so that it looks very beautiful. In the past, application of Mehendi was done by a close relative but now people hire professional Henna artist to do this work.


Most of the mehendi designs indicate feelings of good luck, happiness and fruitfulness in this new association. Some girls like to hide the name of the bride groom in the intricate designs of their Mehendi. Arabian mehendi designs are very popular these days.

Apart from Mehendi other ideas to decorate bride’s hands include wearing bangles, rings and bracelets. Usually glass and enamel bangles form an integral element of so called Solah Shringar i.e. the sixteen adornments which every bride should use in order to make her look beautiful. Mehendi also forms a part of these sixteen adornments.

The ritual of wearing bangles by an Indian bride is based on the notion that they stand for


happiness during honeymoon period as well as afterward. But in place of glass or enamel bangles, now girls prefer to wear gold and diamond jewelry due to their look and appeal.

Diamonds have also become a status symbol. Though some girls wear diamond bangles there are other who prefer bracelets due to their intricate designs and craftsmanship.


And when it comes to jewellery, Polki jewellery has always become very popular. Polki jewelry is quite similar to the Kundun work, which is a complicated melange of gems as well as enamel work. Polki makes use of gemstones whereas Kundun involves use of non–precious stones as well as glass. Girls also wear diamond or stone rings which go well with their wedding attire. So basically it is up to a bride how she wants to decorate her hands on the wedding day. The options are endless; it is just the bride who has to decide on what she wants.

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