Important Wedding Day Advice From Real Brides

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Wrap your head around a scary concept: there is no such thing as a flawless wedding. Things can and will go wrong and while we do not want to sound pessimistic or scare you, it is essential that you just enjoy each and every moment of your Big Day. That said; there are some important pieces of advice you can take from real brides who’ve been there and done that. So listen up: from one bride to another-

Go in for a prewedding shoot

“The wedding day is usually very chaotic and chances are you might not get the pictures you want with your sweetheart which you had always hoped for. So go for a relaxed pre wedding shoot a week or two before the wedding-with just the two of you and your photographer. You won’t regret it. There are so many beautiful locations around Mumbai. We had ours at Juhu beach and it was such fun!”- Bhavna , 28

Eat something!

“I never really got to taste my reception dinner. We had more than 500 guests and by the time we ate, I was too tired to really enjoy anything. Please ask your sister or bridesmaid to sneak in something for you every now and then. Better still- ask your caterer to pack up some food for you to enjoy once you are back at your hotel. Believe me, you are going to be really hungry!” _ Shilpa, 30

Do not micromanage everything

“Just don’t sweat the small stuff. Breathe and enjoy every moment. It is best is to leave everything to the professionals!”- Mira, 27

Get organized from the beginning

“A dream wedding can become a reality if you get organized from the beginning. From getting in shape to following a shopping timeline, things simply fall in place provided you make a plan and stick to it. Be a woman with a plan and you can achieve everything you want. Delegate tasks to people you trust and seek help from the pros where necessary.” Juhi, 32

Thank everyone you love

“Especially your parents. The day goes by quickly and your loved ones have done so much for you so that you have the wedding of your dreams. During the bidaai, take the time to hug everyone-especially your siblings and parents. Tell them you love them. You might not get a chance again in the near future”. – Neelam, 28.

Pay attention during the rituals

No matter which community you belong to-the wedding rituals have a great significance. They contain important piece of advice which will come in handy during your married life. Look into your spouse’s eyes as you say the vows and really mean them. I think that is very important and it is something you do not get to replicate ever!”- Deepa, 33.

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