Indian Bridal Makeup: Expert Recommended Dos and Don’ts

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Indian bridal makeup differs from the bridal makeup styles from other parts of the world; it is more complicated and needs to complement the heavy bridal jewellery as well as the wedding attire. Here are some expert recommended dos and don’ts which can help the Indian bride achieve a perfect look for her wedding day.


  1. Brides mustn’t wax or opt for beauty treatments just before the wedding. All such treatments must be completed a week or two before the events.
  2. One must schedule a makeup consultation/trial makeup session with a professional artist at least a week in advance. The wedding dress should be taken along to help the artist select the colours to use.
  3. Makeup experts advise brides to keep their makeup minimal. Often, brides try to go in for fashion trends; this is not recommended as the result could be unnatural and non- flattering. One must stick to classic makeup styles instead and choose to work with natural shades instead of opting for contrast. This includes the use of lighter and cleaner colours that are sure to enhance one’s natural radiance.
  4. Brides with fairer complexions can opt for warmer colours and bronze powder based foundations. On the other hand; dusky complexions do better with lighter, gel based foundations. Using a foundation primer can help the foundation stay longer. A good quality bristle brush should be used to lightly apply the foundation all over the forehead, cheeks and nose. Brides must not forget powdering their necks and chests for an even colour tone.
  5. For the lips and cheeks, one can opt for cream blush (in case of dry skin) and powder blush (for oily skin). Experts recommend using pinks, peach and rose for the cheeks. For the lips; one can opt for warmer and brighter shades that go well with the dress. One mustn’t use neutral or nude lip colours that can make the bride appear tired. Additionally, a lip liner must be used prior to applying lipstick as this helps the colour last longer. The lip liner should not be darker than the lipstick.

Makeup Should Harmonize The Bridal Attire And Jewelry


  1. For excellent pictures and videos, experts recommend using golden toned based concealers.
  2. One must not attempt to hide under-eye puffiness and dark circles with too much makeup; the effect in photos won’t be impressive.
  3. One must not opt for refractive makeup or shimmer highlights as the photographs can appear unflatteringly shiny.
  4. Brides must not coat their eyelashes with layers of mascara as this can lead to a clumpy look.
  5. Brides opting for false eyelashes must practice wearing them first.
  6. One must not over-darken her eyebrows with pencils as this can make one appear rather severe and stern. Opt for brow powder or gel that is one shade darker than the hair colour for a natural look.
  7. Experts recommend the use of neutral shades to contour and highlight the eyes. Eyeliners are best in black, navy and brown.


These tips are sure to make the Indian bride the star of her show!

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