Interview with Dr. Medha Khair Bhave Founder of Laser Cosmesis – Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Thane

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Today we are interviewing Dr. Medha Khair Bhave, expert cosmetic surgeon and the founder of Laser Cosmesis. Dr. Bhave will shed some light on the trends in pre-bridal cosmetic procedures and also talk about various treatment options available for Indian brides and grooms-to-be.

Please tells us a bit about yourself, how did you start in this field? What inspired your passion for cosmetic surgery?

After I acquired my Masters in General Surgery, I realized that just having a degree in this field wasn’t enough to really carve out a niche and stand out. So I pursued a degree in Plastic surgery thanks to the encouragement from my mother. As the topic of my thesis, I chose The Art of Liposculpture.

It has always been my aim to make cosmetic procedures affordable to everyone who needs a makeover and not just Bollywood film stars or celebs. There is a tremendous rise in Indian brides and grooms turning to cosmetic procedures before their Big Day and I am happy to provide these procedures to them.

What procedures are in demand, as far as Indian brides and grooms are concerned?

More and more brides are turning to liposuction to lose weight around the belly, thighs, and arms. For many girls facing issues of hormonal imbalance and PCOS, years of  proper  diet and execise are not enough to lose this stubbrn flab. The liposuction can help get a kickstart into losing those extra inches which help you exercise more efficiently and effectively to stay trim and fit. After all health is equal to youth and beauty.

Other treatments that are popular with Indian brides and grooms are skin brightening, mesotherapy, chemical peels, acne scar removal, and treatments for the removal of white spots. And it is not just the youngsters that want these procedures: I even had a 72-year-old grandmother coming in for vitiligo treatment! She said she wanted to look ‘good’ in the baraat! Skin whitening is definitely one of the top requests since Indians are obsessed with fair skin. We also provide facial tightening, skin brightening, and lightening procedures that can take years off the face. Apart from brides and grooms, we also have the parents coming in. Many mothers of the brides/grooms want facial tightening, Botox filler injections, and other anti-aging procedures.

Then there is a request for tattoo removal and other laser treatments to remove unwanted marks and birthmarks.  Ear lobe repair surgery is another popular treatment that can help brides flaunt their earrings well.

Many to-be-brides suffer from facial hair growth due to hormonal imbalance and PCOS. For them, we offer treatments like laser hair removal. We also have brides-to-be coming in for nose jobs or Rhinoplasty. In fact; I must mention the case of a young girl who got married after she got a nose-correction surgery done at LaserCosmesis. A few years later, her mother came to get her nose fixed as well since she wanted her grandkid to see the resemblance she had with her daughter!

In short: there are myriad needs and demands from to-be-brides and their family members and we are there to fulfill them all!

Any special advice for our to-be-brides and grooms?

Prepare well in advance. Many of the cosmetic procedures and treatments require several sessions. So do not come in at the last minute expecting miracles. You must visit a cosmetic surgeon at least 6-8 months before the big day. This way, you can get the right treatment for your issues. If you come in the last month for a liposuction or acne scar treatment or other advanced treatments, we cannot help. You need to set aside at least half a year, or even an entire year for these. The only last-minute treatments we offer are filler injections or Botox, medicated facials, and hair rejuvenation treatments. But if you want to see good results then some invasive treatments may be your only option. Also, don’t forget to set aside time for daily exercise and rest. Consult a dietician and start a healthy diet. These things are also necessary to glow on the wedding day aside from cosmetic treatments like photo-facials, chemical peels, and mesotherapy, etc.

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