July Wedding With A Pink Theme!

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July wedding with Pink decor

Remember that lively and cheerful pre-wedding photoshoot we had shared a few months ago? Well, the couple is now married! Check out their Agra wedding pics with a pastel pink theme!


Shubham Bansal and Disha Garg

We Met

We met at a family event. Later on, there was a formal proposal and we arranged to meet. Although it is an arranged marriage, we have grown so close that we forget it is arranged!

Our Proposal

As stated before, ours was an arranged marriage. But on the night of the Roka or engagement ceremony, I proposed to her formally. I had a red velvet cake (her favourite!) ready with the words “could we change our hashtag to #shubhdisha?”. She had tears of joy streaming down her face as she said yes!

Wedding venue

Kunjamal Convention center (KNCC), Agra. We chose it as it is one of the best destinations for a wedding in Agra. The royal banquet and elaborate space added a special charm and a regal look which all our guests appreciated.

Wedding date

9th July, 2019

Our photographer

Prayog Creations.  Their service is outstanding. The team is the best; very cooperative and customer-friendly. They were very innovative in every aspect. All the ideas seen in our wedding album were ‘out of the box’ and everyone who saw the photos later, praised them to the fullest.

Makeup artist

Sugandha KM of the Bridal Room. She was very nice and her work was awesome. She took less time as compared to other artists and our bridal party was all very relaxed with her makeup and styling techniques.

Our honeymoon

We went to Greece for our honeymoon and visited Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. Athens, the capital of Greece, is so beautiful and it has many famous shopping spots. The streets are very beautiful as well.
Mykonos is an island with beaches all around. It is a great party place to just chill and relax. Santorini is also an island, but with hills all around. All the houses here are white in colour with blue doors and windows which add so much beauty to the island.

Advice for other couples to be

Don’t marry due to the pressure of having a life partner. First, make sure you find someone who becomes your best friend so that you can share each and everything with him/her. Then everything else will fall in place! And make sure you have fun planning the wedding. This is a once-in-a-life moment, after all!
Here’s wishing the beautiful couple a very happy married life ahead! Send us your wedding photos for publication on this blog..email them to [email protected] today!
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