Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees – A Touch of Elegance

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Take a glance at the saree collection of any South Indian woman in India and chances are that you will come across at least one ‘Kancheepuram’ or ‘Kanjeevaram’ silk saree, neatly ironed out and folded, occupying a much deserved place of importance in the cupboard.

south1Chances are that this Kanjeevaram saree has been worn at least once by the owner to an auspicious function or it is a much treasured heirloom. Many South Indian brides too, prefer to wear an original Kanjeevaram saree on their wedding day, simply because it stands apart for all the right reasons.

The town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is the home of the saree which goes by the same name. Kanjeevaram silk besides being highly durable, is also much thicker and better in quality in comparison to other grades of silk. Did you know that an ethnic Kanjeevaram saree can weigh around 500 grams? This is because actual gold and silver threads are used to create each zari pattern, giving the saree itself a lovely sheen.

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Colourful motifs and designs inspired by nature such as birds & foliage as well as designs inspired by the epics, paintings, temples and monuments are very popular. Bridal Kanjeevaram sarees are more subtle however with more emphasis placed on the overall ‘rich look’ of the saree. For instance, a Syrian Christian bride from Kerala would wear a cream coloured Kanjeevaram silk saree heavily embroidered with gold threads, whereas a Hindu bride is likely to wear a red coloured Kanjeevaram saree with rich zari work. Many brides also prefer to wear a Kanjeevaram silk saree for the wedding reception or for other auspicious ceremonies instead. So, contrary to beliefs, a Kanjeevaram silk saree can also transform you from a coy bride to the life of the party, thanks to its rich vibrant shades and designs. Bright peacock blues, mango yellows, olive greens, vibrant pinks and lively oranges are the must-have colours!

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