Supplier Spotlight: Meet Ace Wedding Photographer Gulzar Sethi

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Gulzar Sethi is a big name in the field of wedding photography. He has the unique ability of applying a photojournalistic style of shooting with a dash of glamour and fashion all mixed in together with traditional portraiture for a good measure. weddingsonline India interviewed this talented photographer recently. Here is the complete interview:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start in the field of photography?

Gulzar sethi wedding photography
My Photography journey is nothing short of a roller coaster ( in a good way though). Going back in time, I was an Engineer, working for  Barclays but the rat race had made my life so mechanised that I kept wanting to do something else. I didn’t know what would give me the zeal for life again. In 2009, I went on a biking Expedition and scenic beauty made me pull out my small Samsung phone (Smartphone cameras were not as advanced then). Fellow riders liked my pictures and their encouragement made me post pictures online. In August 2012, I resigned and began working for myself, knowing I had a family of 6 to look after, something from within kept telling me I was on the right track and I was fortunate enough to catch the wave of 2012-13 That is how my journey began.

2) Do you shoot film or digital or both?


Gulzar sethi wedding photography
All of us at some point have used a film camera and the film cameras are truly a part of the golden era. Though I shoot digitally and clients want digital images rather than film,I secretly hope for a client who would want their output in film because film photography is the ultimate and I would love to shoot a wedding on film.

3) Describe your wedding photography style in 6 adjectives.

 WOW!!! This is a tough one. I am not sure I can find 6 adjectives Haha! Lets see,  my wedding photography style is non-intrusive, free flowing, eclectic,organised, contemporary and whimsical.

4) What do you love most about shooting Indian weddings?

Gulzar sethi wedding photography
Indian Weddings are the perfect example of organised chaos and I love it. It is a vast, open field of emotions, traditions, expressions, and colors which give a wedding photographer, like me, the opportunity to explore creatively. India is a massive country and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari we have an array of traditions, cultures and so much more that each wedding is unique. I always say this that even if at the same location, with the same guests and decor we have two couples getting married, the magic will be different in each couples images because weddings are all about connect. Friends and family, close and far, come miles to be together to celebrate a union and we get to be a part of their moments.

5) How do you put camera-shy couples at ease? 

Firstly guys, the camera is not scary even though it shoots Hahaha!! We have met many couples who are “Camera-Shy” and the main reason for that is the lack of familiarity of being in front of a camera in the presence of a team of photographers. Lets face it, all of us have faced the camera when we take a selfie, But shall I tell you a secret? A camera-shy couple usually ends up with some of the most stunning shots and that is because they have found solace within themselves and with each other in that moment. However, the process of getting to that “zone” shall always be a well guarded secret!

6) Who/what keeps you inspired?

My last shoot gives me a lot of inspiration because I know that the next one has to supersede the last one and my mind works towards creating something I have not done in the past.  Apart from that, GulzarSethi Photography Creative Director, Urvashi is a source of inspiration not only for me but the entire team. She is a butterfly who is always fluttering around. Her creative and crazy ideas are always driving us to deliver better.

7) Is there a dream location you’d like to shoot at?

Himalayas!!! Any day. I have been a biker and roamed the lonely roads with my bullet for company. Whist riding I have created scenes, sets, frames in my mind and I would love to have a fusion of the traditions of the hills meet the fast paced city couple. I am the sort of person who likes to get to the location and see how can I show it in the best/creative way possible way.

8) Tell us a bit about a challenging wedding you have covered. What made it so?

Gulzar sethi wedding photography
I am a wedding photographer guys, and challenge is literally my middle name. LOL! I don’t think I can say that one specific wedding was a challenge but rather that each wedding brings along challenges in some way or the other. A while ago, we shot a Royal wedding, the biggest challenge there being shooting so discreetly that we practically went unnoticed. See, here is an Indian wedding which did not have posed shots. At another instance, we shot a wedding in Pondicherry, where the bride who was a tom-boy by nature wanted to look elegant and graceful for her wedding images. Now, as a photographer there is just so much I can do, but how do I change someones personality? Ironically, even today her images are amongst the most popular shots that we have created. So wedding photography and its challenges cannot be summed up to just one wedding or one bride but the challenges are thrown at us in different ways and each rather different from the other.

9) Please give our readers a tip or two about choosing their wedding photographer?

Gulzar sethi wedding photography
 This is a frequently asked question and there are a number of factors a couple getting married must consider whilst choosing a wedding photographer. First and foremost, go through all their socials. This will give you an idea of their style of photography and also help you narrow down the ones whose style you like. Secondly, discuss in-depth about your events, how you see the final output and let them give their inputs as well. Remember, Connect is vital when choosing a Wedding Photographer because you are giving him/her the responsibility to freeze moments which you shall cherish a lifetime.
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