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Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra Presents The Wedding Symphony Ensemble

michael makhal wedding orchestra

The Grand Wedding Symphony Ensemble is an exclusive Western styled Crossover Symphonic Orchestra precisely designed for Majestic Indian Weddings, the ensemble is a wing of Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra in the Wedding Industry. The gorgeous ensemble founded by internationally known Indian musician Michael Makhal (ALCM), born in Calcutta, presently settled in Hyderabad. Michael is a Violinist, Composer and Conductor, an Associate of the London College of Music in Music Literature, specialised in Music Composition. He has been a guest performer for many esteemed Symphony Orchestras in India and abroad, also played Violin for more than hundred South Indian feature films. Michael has represented India as a Violinist and Composer in several prestigious events including the ‘Asia Orchestra Week 2007’ in Tokyo, Japan and the Glasgow Culture – XX Commonwealth Games 2014.

The Wedding Symphony Orchestra adds grandeur, vividness and beauty to any classic wedding. The ensemble is made up of fifteen to fifty members playing Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass, Keys, Rhythms, Woodwinds and Brass instruments. The World-class Orchestra is assembled with highly professional and versatile symphonic musicians from different parts of the country – the Symphonic Maestros of Kolkata, the Cine Music Gurus of Chennai film industry, the seasoned instrumentalists of Hyderabad, also some great players from Bangalore and Delhi.

The ensemble presents a great variety of celebrated pieces starting from the masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and Strauss to the latest overture of famous Hollywood theme tunes like James Bond, The Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, the evergreen Pops like Abba and Elvis. Moreover, the orchestra does perform the wonderful Bollywood songs from the golden era and latest hits in an Instrumental Symphonic style. The Wedding Symphony is probably the only live Grand Symphonic Orchestra in the Wedding industry of India that performs the best of Waltz and presents a stage for Ball Dance enthusiasts like The Blue Danube and Over the Waves. In special occasion, the ensemble can throw an Indo-Western fusion recital too if its performing with its full capacity. In one word, this Majestic Large Ensemble adds grandeur with its Live Musical Entertainment in any exquisite wedding and delivers a lifetime experience to the guests, attendees, nearer and dearer ones.

It all started with Michael’s long-time dream to make Westernised Symphonic Orchestra fully available and accessible in India for all kind of events – and to begin with, what else could be a better platform than the big fat Indian weddings – you get people attending from whole India in any Indian wedding. The dream came to pass, when Michael’s friend investment banker Shivnarayan asked him to put up a Symphonic Orchestra for his wedding in the month of March 2012. The reception was at the Park Hyatt Hyderabad and the concert was mind-blowing, starting with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s one of the most famous work ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ for the entry of the Bride and Groom, continuing with famous Hungarian Dance No. 5 of the great composer Brahms. Then number of Waltz pieces preparing the dance floor for Ball dance enthusiasts and gradually moving towards the evergreen Hollywood themes like The Godfather and Love Story. That was the miraculous launch of the most admired Wedding Symphonic Orchestra of India in our time.

Later, the magnificent orchestra was invited by Joy Alukkas in that year on November in UAE, to perform at his son’s wedding reception at the Atlantis Ballroom – The Palm Island. Michael flew to Dubai with his Wedding Symphony Orchestra and gave a World-class performance in the midst of a huge elite International crowd. That was indeed an event to be remembered for ages to come. The Ensemble continued to perform in the major venues all over Indian, that includes the Udaipur Palace, HICC – the largest convention centre of India, Bangalore Palace hall, Orana Delhi and for sophisticated music loving families in Pune, Aurangabad, Ahmadabad, Vijayawada, Guntur and all around India, creating unmatched and exceptional memories for the attendees and guests in each one of those evenings.

The Orchestra is at present presenting an exclusive repertoire – that covers the ocean of musical genre, style and eras, starting from the royal European symphonic and chamber works from Baroque period – the work of Bach and Vivaldi to the Classical era and Romantic eras, includes the works of Brahms, Beethoven, Strauss and such legends. Also, the famous Hollywood themes namely The Godfather, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Story, Titanic, Mission Impossible, Jai Ho, The Lion King, Jurassic Park and many such celebrated pieces. The famous movements from the Musicals like The Sound of Music, and excerpts of famed Operas like Cavalleria Rusticana strings version. That’s not all yet, it has a playlist of Bollywood songs that performs in symphonic manner from the Golden era of RD Burman and Kishore Kumar to the latest melodious hits. Also, the evergreen Pops of Elvis Presley, ABBA, Leonean Richie, John Lennon, Bryan Adams to the current world famous numbers like Despacito and Shape of You, all in a grand Symphonic instrumental style. Presenting a repertoire that rarely can be experienced in one show, making a Wedding Reception extremely special and grand.


Our USP is that, we perform Symphonic style music with Indian musicians. We have the most talented, qualified and highly professional symphonic musicians of India. We assemble them, in fact, Michael hand-pick them for each concert from round the country. Michael prepares the performance style of each show by understanding the expectation of the client. He leads the orchestra in such a way that, even at the middle of the show, the ensemble can shuffle within the repertoire and go with the interest and mood of the audience. That’s why all our shows are hit and all our clients are extremely appreciative. We hope to expand and have more musicians from around the country in our upcoming shows and also have plans to invite our International guest musicians to perform with us in appropriate events.

More about Michael Makhal:

Michael is the official India-representative at the world famous Italian – Luci Della Ribalta International Festival, which takes place in Narni, Italy, every year. He and few of his contemporaries from Europe are forming The Autumn International Music Fest, Hyderabad and The Indo-European Chamber Orchestra, which is set to launch in Hyderabad during the month of October in 2018. Michael has also composed original music for few Indian and International films. He is currently tied up with number of projects related to composing Concertos, Sonatas and Orchestral pieces for some noted musicians and reputed orchestras in USA and Europe. Michael is also planning to take his Orchestra to the western countries and perform the evergreen Bollywood numbers in symphonic orchestral arrangement, as well as present his Indian Folk style Chamber music, Concertos and Symphonies to the global audience. One of his first works – ‘Spirit of India’ was commissioned by the ‘Scokendia Ensemble’ of the Glasgow Cultural and premiered at the Stevenson Hall of the Royal Conservatory of Scotland on 25th July 2014 and was performed in number of venues around Glasgow and Aberdeen during the XX Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, including at the Aberdeen International Festival. You can read some more press releases about him here and here.

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