One Couple’s Fashion Inspired Prewedding Shoot in Udaipur!

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We are starting the week with a fashionable prewedding shoot! The couple featured below are not models but their photographer Dhanika Choksi has managed to make them look like fashion forward movie stars in this delightful prewedding shoot! The stunning locales of Udaipur provide the perfect backdrops ideal for a romantic photoshoot. We love our bride-to-be Aishwarya’s choice of dresses. Check them out for yourself…!


Aishwarya Gupta and Pranay Suhalka.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We wish them a very happy life ahead! Want to submit your professionally shot pre-wedding/wedding/engagement/honeymoon pictures/videos to us for publication? Simply email us the details at [email protected]! Get details here.
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