Plan A Memorable Mauritius Honeymoon With These Tips

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Mauritius is a leading honeymoon hot spot for Indian couples and, if statistics are to be believed, nearly 4 out of 10 couples select this island as their honeymoon destination. Today, we are presenting you with some tips to help make your Mauritius honeymoon a memorable one:

Tips to choose a honeymoon tour operator

Many travel operators offer fabulous honeymoon tour packages to Mauritius. They usually include travel tickets for two, 3 daily meals, resort stay and, in some cases, also the water activities and tourist attractions in and around Mauritius. You could choose a partial package where you can opt to pay for water activities once you arrive there or simply choose the Bed and Breakfast option instead of all 3 meals. The advantage of selecting the latter is that you get to try different cuisines each day instead of eating the same old Indian fares at the same resort. Another advantage of choosing partial packages is that you end up saving quite a bit of money-most tour operator add-ons consist of unlimited buffet options which are ridiculously priced in most resorts in Mauritius.

Tour operators: Make My Trip, Kesari Travels, Veena World.

tips for planning honeymoon in Mauritius

Select your resort

Mauritius is a small island off the coast of Africa and its airport is located on its South Eastern side. Most tour operators prefer booking travellers in the resorts located on the North Western side of the island. The distance from the airport to these resorts is approximately 60 km and takes about an hour and half of commute. You can talk to your operator about other resorts near the airport. However, majority of the scenic beach-facing resorts are located on the West coast of the island; so it may be worth the long commute. Note that you will likely be making the journey to and from the airport only twice-on the day you arrive and next on the day you depart. We recommend any of the following resorts in the North west:

tips for planning honeymoon in Mauritius

  • Le Palmiste –This is a 3 star hotel. Advantages are that it is located about 4 minutes walk from the scenic Trou Aux Biches beach.
  • Le Meredien This is a 4 star hotel overlooking the bay in Pointe aux Piments.
  • Ravenala Attitude– Hundreds of travellers have given this a 5-star rating. The beach is a mere 5 km from this upscale resort.
  • Veranda Pointe– This is located about 3 km from Trou Aux Biches. The Mauritius Aquarium is also close by.

Food and currency tips

Street food in Mauritius is cheaper than fine dining restaurants and also hygienic and tasty. You also get vegetarian and non vegetarian options in Baguettes, Paninis , Faratas and grilled sandwiches. Snacks like samosas are also available but are nothing like their Indian, spicier counterparts.  Dhol puri is a popular snack item in Mauritius-it consists of deep fried roti made with special flours and filled with vegetable or meat of your choice. Many Indian restaurants are also available to cater to Indian taste. You can get thalis there and they approximately cost 1000 MUR (Mauritian rupees). The current rate of MUR and Indian Rupee is approximately 1 MUR =1.9 INR; this means 1000 MUR is approximately 2000 INR. Street food, as mentioned earlier, is cheaper and most beaches have shacks selling delicious subs and sandwiches that cost 75 to 150 MUR. So, if budget is a criterion, you can choose this option. Sea food is great option for non vegetarians and many restaurants sell the catch of the day. Mauritian cuisine is similar to Indian cuisine in that; you will get spicy non-veg curries served with white rice. Apart from that, many restaurants also serve Chinese noodles and fried rice, Italian Pasta and burgers. Here are some great places to eat at in the North Western point of the island namely Trou Aux Biches:

  • Souvenir Restaurant– This restaurant is located about 2 minutes from the scenic Trou Aux Biches beach known for its cerulean waters. They serve delicious complementary rolls with pesto and olive oil each time you order spaghetti or Italian dishes-and they are very filling. Approximate cost of dining for 2 people here is: 350 to 600 MUR. Dishes to try here: Creme Brulee- the delicious dessert consisting of caramelized pudding.
  • La Voglia Matta– This is an excellent pizzeria located a few kilometres from Trou Aux Biches. They are known for their seafood pizzas but vegetarians can also get excellent pizzas with pineapples, eggplants, mushrooms, olives and other toppings.
  • Cafe International– This is an amazing place for steaks and burgers. The 80’s style interior is charming and the staff is friendly. Try the Irish Burger, chicken strips, and Indian lamb burger. Vegetarian options may be limited here.

Things to do

Mauritius is a paradise for adventurous couples who love water activities. You can go for snorkeling, scuba diving, under-water-sea-walk, swimming with the dolphins and so on. You need not even be an expert swimmer to enjoy these activities as you are usually provided with a life jacket and all the right gear to keep you safe. For the not-so-brave-couples, there is speed boat, tube boat or banana boat ride, catamaran cruises as well as the Blue Safari Submarine. The latter is a must-try –you sit in a submarine or a sub-scooter and dive down nearly 35 meters into the sea to view its treasure trove of fish, sunken ships (yes, there are 30 deliberately sunk ships made into“hotels for fish” in Mauritius!) and even ancient, forgotten anchors. Here are other hot-spots for water activities:

  • Ile aux Cerfs– This is one of the main Mauritius attractions you don’t want to miss. Try the under-water-sea walk (you are completely safe thanks to a 30 kilo helmet placed on your head), parasailing, tour of the Ile to view its fabulous waterfall, swimming in the shallow warm clear waters etc. There are a couple of restaurants on the beach- DO not hesitate to ask for a receipt for your food (many tourists experienced being charged extra by the staff here). You can get Indian food at Masala restaurant or go for burgers, pizzas and sandwiches.
  • Le Caudan Waterfront– This is a popular shopping mall in Mauritius. It is very expensive so do not shop here. The entrance to the waterfront is marked with colourful umbrellas and the dainty bridge across the backwaters makes a scenic backdrop for your photos. Many Indian Bollywood films have been shot here.
  • Cap-port Malheureux Church and beach– This is one of the most scenic locales on the island. The beach is rocky-so it is not advisable to swim here. The red roofed church is beautiful and makes an amazing backdrop for photos.
  • Ganga Talao-Grand Bassin-Take a tranquil religious break from activities by visiting this scenic water body. You cannot miss the massive statue of Lord Shiva and another grand Goddess Durga which is still under construction.
  • Other- Besides these, there are jungle safaris, walk-with-lions, zip line adventures, paragliding and hundreds of other activities that can help you bond as a couple! Your hotel will be able you regarding the bookings.

There is so much to do and see in Mauritius that even 7 days won’t seem enough! We hope these tips help make it a romantic and memorable Mauritian stay for you. If you have any specific questions, do comment below or email us at [email protected].

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