Pre-Wedding Bells- Let Them Chime Louder!

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You are a grown up girl now and finally the time has come to enter another phase of your life: Marriage. Full of excitement, anxiety, happiness, confusion, reveries, and a lot more; this is how we define that one phase of life. It’s a blend of some of the happiest moments of your life and so you should not let it go. Pamper yourself till the last minute and make sure that you look the best on your special day! Once your wedding date is decided, you are left with so less time to coddle yourself and your senses. To arrive at good results, start immediately. Plan your wedding dress, your hair-do, makeup, accessories and most importantly your skin, because it is the glow and charm of your face that matters the most.

Start caring for yourself and your skin and don’t forget to get those pre-bridal sessions, as they bring you the best time of your life. It’s quite obvious to know that marriage means lots of bottom drawer shopping too, but then you have to be careful enough that your body and skin does not get affected. Here are a few tips to follow so that you could look like a princess on your wedding day, and beyond-


  • Shop and explore the market but not in sun. Dirt, strong sun rays and polluted air can anytime play rude to your skin. So stay home, shop online else cut-short your visits.
  • Consult a dietician and start practicing some easy beauty remedies at home. Go natural and avoid strong chemical products. Eat nutritional food and please say no to fast food at least till your wedding date.
  • Go for body, hair and facial massage regularly. A steam facial is beneficial. Opt for essential oils to get the best results. These will surely retain your energies for the ‘D’ day and will make you look tremendously beautiful.
  • An oil massage and a natural hair pack will strengthen your hair and bring lots of bounce and shine to them. Your locks play essential role in adding charm to your overall looks, so take care of them too.
  • Go for regular manicure and pedicure sessions as your hands and feet have to be clean and gorgeous. After all, he will put the wedding ring on your finger, and you have to start with your new life holding each other’s hands.





When it comes to pampering your body, it refers getting in touch with your soul and indulging with it as much as you can. And for making this possible, it is important to relax. Spa is a good option as it takes you to a calm and quite atmosphere with peace and love all around. Sleep well, put all your stress on one side and move ahead with new vision and mission for your forthcoming life. Meditate for an hour or so regularly, so that your mind and body gets relaxed and a rejuvenating session begins. To cut a long story short, fuse away all your worries and get ready for your special day. Let people realize you are actually in Love now!                                                                                    

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