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Wedding dress ready? Check. Gorgeous buffet spread? Check. Invitations sent out? Check. Wedding photographer? Check. Wedding Videographer? Hmmmm.  Wait, do you really need a wedding videographer, because after all, you will have albums full of fantastic wedding pictures?



It’s ironic we know, but many couples wish they had considered hiring the services of a wedding videographer, well after the wedding has actually taken place. While it is tempting to think that all those digital and printed snaps will suffice, having a wedding video made should be a big ‘YES’ on your list. Here’s why:


It’s always good to have a wedding video to show the guests who could not be part of your special day, and someday, even the next generation. Trust us; you will want to experience the magic of your wedding many times over, with your spouse by your side.




Believe it or not, but you won’t really have the time to enjoy your wedding day like you think you will. You’ll be busy welcoming your guests, posing for endless pictures and more importantly, soaking in the attention and poignancy of the ceremony itself. There’s a good chance you will miss out on witnessing plenty of special moments first-hand, but with a wedding video, you get to re-live the details again.



A photograph captured in time is just a still image, but a wedding video tells the entire story behind an event. You get to enjoy the laughter, conversation and the tears just as it happened on D-day. Moments like the actual ritual, a first dance, coy smiles, wedding toasts and receiving blessings are beautiful memories that should be enjoyed in its entirety.




With the aid of video editing software and online design tools, professional wedding videographers like Wedding Snipers can create exquisite wedding videos which highlight the very best moments of your special day. Take a peek at clips taken from wedding videos they have created, here. Stay tuned for more wedding videography articles coming your way next week!


 The images and video links used here have been taken from The Wedding Snipers website. This professional studio helmed by Sudhir Nair believes in creating wedding stories that stand the test of time. Visit the Wedding Snipers website for more information on how they can bring your wedding day to life on screen.


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