How To Shop For Bridal Lingerie Without Embarrassment

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A few years back when women went bridal lingerie shopping, they would shyly and coyly whisper something into their mother’s ears, and she would then pass on the requirement to the salesperson behind the counter. He would then take the required lingerie out, wrap it up neatly for them and hand the parcel which was then stuffed inside the bag, away from the prying eyes of the world. Not so much anymore. Women are bold and confident enough to buy their own bridal lingerie without bothering mommy dearest. Also, there is the option of buying bridal lingerie online, which you can do as you discuss various prints and styles huddled with your BFFs on the bed. However, sometimes you still go shopping at a brick and mortar store and get stumped when the salesperson asks you for your size. Here are some tips that will save you the shopping embarrassment when buying your bridal lingerie.

1. Know your size

Before you go out shopping, you really need to ascertain the size that you want to purchase. Several online underwear and bra size calculators are available for your rescue. It is better to enter the world of lingerie armed with your perfect band and cup size. You can indeed try the lingerie at the store or at your home if buying it online, but, buying one in perfect size will save you the unnecessary trouble of exchanging it and delaying things.

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2. Know when to buy

If you feel that buying lingerie is a small task and you should finish it first to get it out of the way, then, dear girl you are on the wrong shopping path. It should be the last thing that you buy for the simple fact that right before your D-day you would have lost or gained whatever weight you had to. That is when you need to get the bridal lingerie which will fit you like a second skin. You wouldn’t want wasting precious time right before your wedding, standing in exchange lines. A word of caution here, the last thing to buy does not translate into buying it at the last minute.

3. Know your dress

You should have selected and finalized your main dresses for the wedding before buying the bridal lingerie. It will give you a clear picture of what you need to buy. The neckline and back of the dress, the color, and the fabric, all play an important role in your bridal lingerie purchase decision. Simply imagining the color of the dress and trying to match your bridal lingerie with it just won’t do.

4. Know your style

Who doesn’t like lace? It is scintillating, seductive and just the right fabric to spice things up on the wedding night. But what if the lace causes an itching down there? Make sure you are not allergic to the fabric and choose wisely.

5. Know what your better half would like

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You would definitely want to sizzle on your first night and on your honeymoon. Choose your bridal lingerie keeping in mind your husband’s choice as well, for he is the one with whom you want to spice things up. The salesperson behind the counter definitely has no idea about your husbands’ taste or yours, so asking for or taking their opinion would not help you at all. Word of advice, keep it coordinated underneath to keep it naughty and nice.

Finally, wear the lingerie with your dress in a full dress rehearsal and see if it is doing its job of keeping your assets secure in their place.

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