Simple Makeup Tutorial For Indian Girls: Get Decked Up For Navratri And Diwali With These Steps

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Today we are presenting a simple makeup tutorial for beginners. The products described here are suitable for wheatish to dusky complexion. You may change them according to your skin tone and skin type.

1. Start with a clean face

Cleanse the skin with a suitable cleanser made for your skin type. Pat dry the skin.

2. Use foundation

For wheatish to fair skin tone, you can use liquid foundation from any top brand. We recommend liquid foundation- but feel free to choose powder or mineral foundation based on availability. Custom cover drops G60 is suitable for medium complexion. To use: add 4-5 drops of the liquid foundation in your favorite moisturizer and blend evenly. Next, use a custom blender brush to dab the foundation-moisturizer mixture all over the face. Pay special attention to blemishes, dark circles and spots.

3. For the eyes and eyebrows

  • Use any quality brow pomade on the eyebrows. Go for a shade like ash brown or dark brown. Fill in the brows with the pomade where the hair is sparse.
  • We recommend buying an eye-makeup palette like Makeup Revolution-Welcome to Pleasuredome. Before you start the eye makeup, use pressed powder all over the eyelids to enable the eye makeup to last longer. Use shimmery brown colour all over the eyelids. Now use a shimmering grey just above the tear line where the eyelashes start. Blend with the shimmery brown to give a smokey eye effect. Alternatively, you can use a liquid or gel liner. If you are not using liners, make sure you diffuse the eye-shadow a bit for a smokey effect.
  • For the lower lash line, add a pop of colour like purple or silver starting from outer lower lash line and moving inwards. Again, alternatively, you may simply use liquid or gel liner.
  • Apply the mascara (La Roche extension mascara) on both eyelashes (lower and upper) by curling them first.

4. Applying a Concealer

Use a concealer under the eyes to cover up under eye dark circles. Also apply the concealer on the triangular area under the eyes, but not the cheekbones, to highlight this region. You may use a brush to apply the concealer. Do not forget to apply the concealer on the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead and also under the cheekbones.

5. Contouring

Use MAC contouring NW 55 using a thin brush on under the cheekbones, along the sides of the nose all the way up to the brow, under the lower lip, beneath the hair line, along the sides of the neck, and across the jawline. Blend the contour lines with a medium brush using upward strokes.


6. Use blended powder to set the makeup

Loose blended powder will help you set the makeup so it stays for a longer time. Use a sponge to lightly dab the powder on the skin where it is the oiliest (nose, forehead etc). We recommend Clinique Blended powder Number 03.

7. Blush and bronzer

Use Makeup Revolution Blush, Bronze and Brightening palette. Apply the lightest tone in this palette on the cheekbones, and the forehead. Apply the matte blush on the apples of the cheeks. Finish with the highlighter from Makeup Revolution-Pro Illuminate. Use the warm toned highlighter under the brows and on the cheeks.

8. Lips

Use a lip liner by L’Oreal and lipstick by Mac-Diva which is a deep wine red shade suitable for the festival look. Outline the lips and then fill in the lipstick colour. For more details on how to apply lipstick, visit this article.

And that’s it! You are done. Wear a pair of dangling earrings, bangles, necklace along with a traditional dress or Sari. Accessorize with a clutch and high heels and you are ready to party!

Main image: Mya Dang-Bride in Vogue image by VanityCube

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