Supplier Spotlight: ESTAA Jewellery Creations

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We at Weddingsonline are constantly on the lookout for new designs in Jewellery to inspire our brides with. Our search often leads us to some very talented and creative artists who are kind enough to allow us to use their photographs and show their creations to our brides and grooms.

Recently, our search led us to ESTAA creations. ESTAA are full service silversmiths, jewellers and Art dealers. They do re-design, maintenance & repair, commissioning or even valuing of jewellery.  Brides can use the creativity and imagination of these talented designers to custom design their wedding jewellery and even use their old heirloom pendants handed down by mothers and grandmothers in a creative manner.

The meaning of ESTAA is “alive”; their logo, which has two elephants, symbolizes trust, honesty, courage, wisdom and all things India. Without further delay, here are some of their latest creations as well as those from the Lakme Fashion week held in 2011.

Lakme Fashion Week 2011 clothes by Shyamal&Bhumika

Lakme Fashion Week 2011: images ESTAA Jewellery

Visit ESTAA on Facebook for information on their prices and designs etc.

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