Supplier Spotlight Interview with BrideMeUp Founder Chanderlata Bharti

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We had a great time interviewing top makeup artist Chanderlata Bharti of BrideMeUp this past weekend and we were blown away with her simplicity, makeup techniques and teachings. Chanderlata has always had a passion for beauty and makeup; she even quit her high-paying job in the field of Information Technology to fulfill her dream of becoming one of the best bridal makeup artists in Mumbai. Naturally, we couldn’t let her leave without answering a few questions…

1) How and when did you start in this field?

Since childhood I had passion for makeup. As a kid, I always used to get excited and curious to try out new makeup products and looks. However, at that time I never thought of becoming a professional makeup artist. As time went by, my interest in makeup just kept on increasing. Whenever I would see someone beautifully dressed up, especially as a bride, I wished I could try that look and dress others up to make them look as beautiful and gorgeous. I used to actively follow all the makeup magazines, websites and YouTube channels to learn latest makeup and hairstyle techniques and would often try them out on close friends and family members. My passion being on the backdrop, I graduated as a software engineer and started working for a top MNC; but I always felt that something was missing. After 6 years of working in the field of Information Technology I eventually decided to take the bold step of turning my passion into my profession and that was the moment I decided to become a professional Makeup Artist.

bridemeup interview with Chanderlata Bharti

To get better knowledge of the beauty industry I enrolled myself in one of the renowned makeup academies. Post my course completion and after gaining enough exposure and experience working under leading makeup experts, I launched my own brand “BrideMeUp” in the year 2017 with the aim to provide high quality makeup services to my customers on their special day. If there is one thing that drives the team at BrideMeUp, it is our customers’ satisfaction for which we make sure they are relaxed, smiling, on time and look “absolutely stunning”. We leave no stone un-turned to be your all-in-one beauty guru, go-to makeup artist and confidante.

2) What products do you use?

I use all high branded products such as MAC, Bobbie Brown, Anastasia, Naked, Huda beauty, Makeup forever, KatVonD, Morphe, Benefit Professional etc.

bridemeup interview with Chanderlata Bharti

3) Who or what inspires your work?

Being an artist, my Brides are my inspiration. The trust and the confidence that they place in me, to make them look like a “Diva” on their special day, the praises, compliments and accolades that follow not only from the brides alone but also from their families and friends and finally my very own sense of satisfaction of my creativity. These are my main pillars of motivation which inspire me in doing a better job day after day.

4) What are your typical bridal package prices? Do you offer makeup trials? If so, are these paid or free?

My typical Bridal Packages are as follows:

  • HD Bridal Makeup – Rs. 15,000-Includes HD Bridal Makeup, Hairstyles & Saree / Dupatta Draping, Eyelash Extensions.
  • Engagement/Special Occasion Makeup – Rs. 10,000 Includes HD Makeup, Hairstyles & Saree / Dupatta Draping, Eyelash Extensions.
  • HD Party Makeup – Rs. 5,000-Includes HD Party Makeup, Hairstyles & Saree / Dupatta Draping, Eyelash Extensions.

We offer paid Bridal trial for Rs. 999/- only. Trial is available only at my Ghatkopar Studio.

interview with BrideMeUp Chanderlata Bharti

5) What sets you apart from other bridal makeup artists?

Maybe my work and style😉 … jokes apart … I really cannot comment on other makeup artists, but I try to create a friendly atmosphere with my brides up front so that they are open & friendly with me and ensure that I listen and pay attention to their requirements in detail. We run them through multiple looks in detailed trial sessions if required to achieve perfection in their needs before finalizing on their look. I also assist and guide them in their wardrobe and jewelry to go with their look. During service, me and my team ensure that we reach before time to avoid last-minute delays. I make all my Brides feel relaxed and comfortable during their entire makeup session so that they are calm and composed and ready with a big smile for their special occasion. I also maintain the professional side of our engagement and ensure all communications with my customers are clear in terms of their requirements, services or payments. 

interview with BrideMeUp Chanderlata Bharti

6) What advice do you have for brides who run behind trends?

I always tell my brides that my goal is for them to look like themselves, defined and finished. I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures five years from now and not recognize the girl in them. Always remember that your photos are going to be on display for many, many years after the wedding; you don’t want someone to be able pinpoint which decade your wedding took place in based on your face alone. Think about the timelessness of your look; can it transcend the test of time?When you look back on this day ten years from now, you want to still look modern and relevant. Still if you want to follow trends, please don’t follow it blindly. Ensure that whatever you are planning in terms of your looks, wardrobe or accessories suits your complexion and body type. It’s very important that the trend looks trendy on you too.

interview with BrideMeUp Chanderlata Bharti

7) In India, the main concern for most brides is addressing their dark complexion. How do you handle such clients? What advice do you have for them?

Dusky skin tone is beautiful in reality compared to what is actually projected. We generally consider fair complexion as beautiful. However, brown skin tone always wins more hearts. Dusky-skinned women are blessed in several ways. They have lesser problems of tanning and blemishes; their skin is less affected by UV rays etc. My advice to these lovely ladies is, “You have been blessed with the most exotic skin tone. Just choose the perfect styles and colors and flaunt them right with confidence to look like a million-dollar bride”.And remember, my vanity is fully equipped with the products for my lovely dusky beauties.

8) Could you walk us through a typical bridal consultation?

A typical bridal consultation starts with one-on-one trial session between me and Bride to be, where we sit and discuss in detail about the desired look of the Bride for her special day. Consultations involve a full run-through of makeup and hair services.No preparation is necessary although we do recommend a clean face and hair washed within the last 24 hours. I usually recommend carrying reference photos of makeup and hair styles which they like, which helps us in crafting the perfect look for them. I usually show them 2 looks, one which they desire and second if I feel there is a better alternative which will suit them better, based on my experience. We then discuss and finalize on the perfect look. I give them skin & hair care tips based on their complexion and skin type so that their skin looks hydrated and radiant on their Wedding Day. I also suggest them the latest trends in wedding outfits & jewellery that will suit them based on their complexion and body structure.

interview with BrideMeUp Chanderlata Bharti

9) Finally, 2 pieces of advice for a bride-to-be as far as her skin/hair care is concerned?

My advice for Brides is very simple…

“ Just keep calm. Weddings can be very stressful. This is why you need to ensure that you get nutritious food and drink adequate water to constantly keep yourself hydrated. For radiant and glowing skin ensure that you up your intake of proteins and antioxidants 10-15 days before the wedding. Another aspect to keep in mind is to ensure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep because you don’t want to end up with dark circles on your big day.”

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