Supplier Spotlight – Interview with Founder of Magical Makeovers by Divvya

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This week, our supplier spotlight focus is on Divvya Shrigiriwar, the founder of the popular Magical Makeovers by Divya. If you are looking for a makeup artist for your Big Day, there are many reasons why Divvya is a great choice!  In our interview, she tells us about the bridal makeovers during the pandemic…

1. Tell us about yourself and how did you get started in the bridal makeup industry?

Makeup is an art, passion, and expression – this statement entirely sums up all that I feel about the makeup industry. My name is Divvya Shrigiriwar, I am a 30 years old entrepreneur, wife, and mother.
Makeup is transformative, it brings confidence and this is what makes me extremely passionate about my work as a Makeup Artist. It helps me instill a sense of power in people. After spending a few years in the beauty industry I have realised women are either intrigued with or mystified by cosmetics. Especially the brides who are highly conscious about the big-day when all eyes are upon her and praising her poise. I aim to give brides a sense of confidence to shine as bright as possible on her special day. This is what led me to this beautiful path of becoming a Makeup Artist.

2. How was your experience with weddingsonline brides?

Informative, interesting, and extremely engaging. weddingsonline is a one-stop solution for all the brides who are looking for the best of the services available in the country. Also, they helped me explore more about bridal makeup and motivated me to do better.
While everyone has a personal perception of the bridal look, it is the continuous learning that helps one understand the different dynamics of a bridal look, thus finalizing the best look for the day. The online portals help me enhance my skills and broaden my perspective.

3. How do you ensure safety and hygiene standards during bridal makeovers now considering Covid?

A sense of hygiene and proper safety has always been my first priority.
Since no two people have the same skin type and each skin type requires unique attention, I ensure beforehand that the right product is applied on the skin for best results.
From the pandemic perspective, I have started frequently sanitizing the tools and equipment. Additionally, I carry a sanitizer, surface protector, masks, and gloves for every appointment.
The next and final step is to sanitize all makeup products after every service and making sure every team member travels safely from one location to another. I have also made sure all my teammates have attained BARBICIDE COVID19 Certification for their proper knowledge of Safety Standards.

4. What is that one bridal look you would suggest for all the brides getting married in 2020-21?

I would suggest all the brides harness the power of Floral Prints. As a bride who wants to ensure that she looks stunning on her special day, she can wear a floral printed heavy embroidered lehenga along with contrast colored jewellery, a set of beautiful bangles, and high heels to complete the look.
Also, on her W-day look, I would suggest the brides either go for the HD makeup or Airbrush makeup. This will help them look their best in all kinds of lightning.

5. Did you do any bridal makeovers during the lockdown? If yes, please share your experience.

Yes, I did take up a few Brides, Events, and Shoots during the lockdown. Initially, it felt quite strange as we were just adjusting to the whole new concept of the intimate wedding and virtual shows. However, slowly and gradually we got acquainted with the whole process, curated a flow of operations for us to maintain the highest safety level, and came up with the best practice to deliver our work.

6. Any trends that you absolutely love and trends you would love to see brides leave behind?

Natural makeup, being oneself, and shine like a diamond are some of the trends that I absolutely love. It is amazing to see how brides carry themselves on their wedding day with a beautiful smile throughout.
One trend that I would love to see brides leave behind is “fresh flowers for hair bun.” The natural smell of flowers enhances the beauty of a bride and it is something that should be adopted more frequently.

7. Tell us 3 reasons why a bride should hire you for her wedding day makeover.

Following are the three reasons why a bride should hire me for her wedding day makeover:
  • To get that perfect look everyone talks about, I don’t believe in one-fit-for-all. I will have a thorough analysis of the bride’s personality and choice before I finalize which makeup should be preferred.
  • I have an in-depth understanding of all makeup tools and techniques to ensure that any request from the bride’s side is fulfilled.
  • I constantly read and learn to analyze the current industry trends which help me make the best choices for all of my clients.

8. And lastly, what is the most important beauty advice that you can give all the brides-to-be?

One holy grail advice I would give to all the brides-to-be is to take care of their skin not just externally but also internally. They can do this by eating well, including fruit and vegetable juice in their diet, more water intake to keep themselves hydrated, and frequently exercise to sweat it out. Also, make SPF your best friend.
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