Surprise Her With a Diamond Ring

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A diamond ring  symbolizes your everlasting dedication towards your loved one. A sparkling diamond is an indication of your trust as well as commitment for each other.

Diamond has always been considered as a woman’s best friend. Surprise your loved one with a sparkling diamond ring. Once you have decided to surprise her, keep the following points in mind to make the right choice:

Match her style:  You can get the clue from her way of dressing up. Try to notice the jewellery that she already owns. Does she have a preference for white gold or yellow gold? Does she prefer simple designs or the intricate ones? You must also know if she prefers the traditional designs that have an  everlasting appeal or something that follows the latest trends. This will help you to decide the suitable settings of the diamond ring.

Getting The Ring Size:  You need to be really clever to find her ring size as you have to make sure that she does not get any hints of a possible proposal. You may take the help of close friends or relatives. Another way of doing this is to playfully wear one of her rings on your finger and push the ring as far as possible to get an idea of the required ring size.

Reliable Jeweler: The selected jeweler must have high credibility to ensure that you get the best quality of diamond ring.

The Four C’s: Understanding the carat, cut, color and clarity of diamonds is an important part  selecting a diamond ring. The carat refers to the weight, cut gives an idea about the angles between different faces of diamond,  clarity gives an idea about luster  and the color may vary from completely colorless to various shades of a beautiful rainbow.

The Shape: The shape of the diamond can greatly  enhance the appearance of the diamond ring. Round diamonds are the most popular. Apart from the round shape, you can also opt for oval, square, marquis or heart shaped diamonds. Select the shape which best suits her personality.

Your Budget: Deciding the budget is obviously the most important consideration. The price range of the diamond ring must fall within your budget. Depending on your budget, there are a number of options that range from solitaires to cluster of multiple diamonds.

Keeping all  these points in your mind while selecting a diamond ring for her  will surely help to capture her heart and it will prove to be a memorable  moment  for  both of you.

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