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We are lucky enough to catch up with The Big Night and take a look at some of their stunning styled shoots and real weddings.  They’re super innovative and tell amazing stories with their creations! So let’s hear what their inspiration was….

“‘Time Traveling’ is in our DNA leaving us to transform and transport you and your guests to another space and another time. With a background in film directing and real estate we are one crazy married couple who were quickly bitten with the desire to bring spaces to life and tell thematically stories.  As we say, ‘A little party never hurt anybody,’ so go on, let’s talk!” Gauri and Kunal Rupani

The ‘O’ Project – Styled Shoot, Dubai, July 2017

“An endless garden inspired us to reinvent the wheel of how we understand a ‘garden’ theme. Within a world that is enchanted yet free, we decided that this world had to awaken a discovery inside each of us and had to be a design that would allow an infinite story of curiosity. We wanted the space to be intimate yet magical leaving you to feel like you are transported to another world.” 

Athena – Styled Shoot, Dubai, July 2017

“Athena was inspired by a deep curiosity to explore the world that lays above the clouds where new dimensions of gravity and norm are redefined.  The dreams of this new realm gave birth to this concept that breathes a gentle yet fierce world, like the Greek goddess herself.  The boundaries of imagination release themselves, leaving us with a poetic air that paves the way for us to reminisce in a world that reminds us of the freedom of being.”

“Athena is designed for all those curious minds who follow the pulse of their own heart! Be it a backdrop, a stage, a runway, a theme or an entire new world, Athena is your doorway to a new space in time that remains for eternity.  Welcome to Athena!”

Rustic Elegance – Wedding of Ameya and Tanya, Goa, November 2017

“Our prestigious clients wanted a backyard vintage reception. Our brief was 4 words: 1. Vintage with a pinch of drama,  2. Minimal, 3.  Classic and 4. Lots of Fairy lights!  This gave way for the birth of Rustic Elegance. An old yet charming story was born for us to pour our love into.  As guests entered they were taken through a long tunnel filled with fairy lights that immediately create the magic of the evening. 

Tables adorned with lace overlays set the elegance of the evening while candles and flowers surrounded by barks, jute balls with fairy lights and mirrored fairy lights set the rustic romance of the evening. This story reminded you of what dreams are made of and captured that moment of time where magic was born!” 

Quote from Ameya and Tanya:

“This is the best wedding gift that I could’ve ever asked for.  Thanks for being such an important part of my life.  You guys spun some real magic and made my Big Night Bigger than I’ve ever imagined. Thanks for making it all so very Surreal!!”

To find out more about how The Big Night can create your dream wedding pop over to their Profile Page!

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