The Changing Face of the Indian Sangeet Ceremony

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Indian weddings are no longer the ritualistic functions of the past; they are becoming dazzling and stylish affairs like never before. The weddings of this generation are characterized by high oomph and glamour factors.  Entertainment has become an essential part of the ceremony; today the Sangeet ceremony is no longer limited to North Indian or Punjabi Weddings; it has been accepted and welcomed with open arms by different cultures around the country.

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In the past, dancing in weddings was an unprompted and spur-of-the-event-moment; today music and dancing is well-choreographed and planned down to the last minute. Event planners and professional performers that are trained in these fields are brought in to assist and plan the entire function. With such professional help, the entire ceremony literally unfolds like a Bollywood movie. Sangeet ceremonies are increasingly being held at exotic venues like cruise liners, farm houses, hotels and several other opulent locations. All these greatly augment the celebrations.

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Planning the Indian Wedding Sangeet ceremony has become a specialized field today. Wedding hosts can add exuberance and fascination to this ceremony by planning it around a theme: Qawali nights, Ghazal evening or ceremonies inspired by Bollywood music and Retro nights are only a few examples of such themes.

Sangeet ceremony is traditionally held on night before the wedding, and as the special time for the Holy union (Mahurat) approaches, families want to invariably celebrate with music and dancing. With specialized themes in mind, the dress, food, décor, performances etc are made to revolve around the same.

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Many families opt to invite professional Qawali, Ghazal and Pakiza singers for performing on the occasion, and these can indeed make the Sangeet evening a memorable one. Youngsters, though, are mainly attracted by Bollywood themes as the foot-tapping music and songs inspired by the movies greatly add to the romance and also help set the stage for dancing.

Fashionable dresses and designer wear are also a highlight of the evening. Salwar Kameezes, saris, Lehengas, Ghagra Cholis etc are all designed around the theme of the Sangeet. The dances held at the Sangeet are also getting innovative: dance programs can range from classical or traditional to contemporary and modern. They can include folk dances or modern ‘item numbers’ that have great significance in Indian pop culture today.

Besides being fun and frolic it is essential that families plan the evening carefully; If you do not mind going the extra mile and spending a few extra bucks, then you can opt for high end decorations at the venue including a dance floor, LED lights and hydraulic stages etc. Additionally, DJs and professional anchors can be brought in to conduct the ceremony.

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Extravagant though it may sound, music and dancing are an important part of the Indian wedding ceremony and the celebrations are incomplete without the same.  Such Professionally planned evenings are sure to make everyone get on the dance floor. Additionally, these special evenings can help families relax and unwind and bond with each other.

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