Tips For Choosing your Indian Wedding Colors

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Cardinal or Coral?

Eggplant or Lavender?

Hot Pink or Red?

Choosing the right color scheme for your Indian wedding is perhaps as important as shopping for your bridal trousseau. The color scheme forms the basis for the wedding décor- it impacts the choice of your bridal attire and all other effects including the makeup, jewelry, shoes etc. When you choose a particular color theme for your wedding, it is sure to set the right mood for the celebrations. Here we shall present some tips and ideas to help you make your choice regarding the colors as well as way to incorporate them on your special day:

  • A Wedding planner, if you have hired one, can be very supportive in helping you choose a theme as well as the colors for your special Day. It is important that you first decide whether you want a theme based décor or one that is inspired by colors; so you can be sure to get what you have in mind.
  • Naturally, you can either choose your favorite colors, or the ones that go well with your personality. There are many online catalogs as well as photography websites from which you can get numerous ideas regarding the choice of colors. You can even let Bollywood movies be the inspiration for your wedding color theme!

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  • If you are getting married in a particular season, you can opt for colors that are suitable for that season; for example-Fall colors typically include orange, fuchsias and reds while shades and hues of green are perfect for spring.  Likewise you can opt for brighter colors in summer including pink, aqua blue, shades of purple etc.
  • Flowers are very important in Indian weddings, so you can choose seasonal flowers and base the color theme around these flowers. Additionally, you can think of your favorite place and choose the best elements or colors that you might have liked in that location.
  • While tradition dictates the choice of colors in Indian weddings, typically reds and gold, you do not have to limit yourself to the same. Your goal should be to get away from the routine and traditions and create a fresh and upbeat look that is sure to create a lasting impression regarding your wedding.
  • For a neutral look; you simply cannot go wrong with colors like Gold, silver, white, ivory and brown etc. These not only add elegance to the décor but also give you more choice to experiment with in your own bridal attire as well as the fabrics and drapes used at the venue.
  • You also need to utilize correct lighting elements so these can enhance the colors you have chosen. This is especially important if you are having an evening or sunset wedding. The correct lighting shades greatly impact the décor and your bridal attire.
  • The colors that you eventually choose can be utilized in the drapes of the mandap/tent, your bridal sari or Lehenga and even the groom’s attire. You can even incorporate the colors in the cocktails served at the venue! If your family members are willing; you can have them dress in the chosen colors and vary the hues and shades a bit for diversity.

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Whatever color you choose; do make sure that you use balance and harmony by not overdoing things; else the theme will not achieve the purpose you have in mind but simply destroy it. That being said, the right choice of colors will go a long way in directing the feel and flow of the ceremony.

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