Tips on Choosing a ‘Candid’ Wedding Photographer- Part 1

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In the movies, a wedding is always about a real celebration where the bride and the groom truly make it a ‘one of a kind’ day. But not surprisingly, many newlyweds claim that a wedding is actually quite stressful.


Not that we blame them in any way because hugging and air kissing an endless stream of well-wishers is enough to tire anybody out. Add to that, innumerable requests from the wedding photographers to pose in a certain way, flash a wide smile or even to tilt one’s head at a certain angle. What most couples are left with at the end of the day is a photo album filled with photographs that invariably required plenty of effort and posing from the couple’s side.


Enter candid wedding photographers. Modern day couples don’t just want a photo album filled with run of the mill photographs; what they do want is a memory book filled with intimate pictures that were snapped at the right moment. And even though candid or personal wedding photographers may be expensive, they will ensure that you and your spouse have an armful of real wedding moments to cherish and look back on. Think of them as experts who will capture true emotion on camera for you, with minimal effort from your end!


Candid wedding photography is already quite the rage in most other countries, but is slowly catching on here in India as well. Since the photographers are likely to take pictures of you when they feel like, it’s quite possible that photos of you will be clicked without your prior permission. So be warned that while you may feel that you’re not looking your best at any time, it’s possible that your candid photographer will feel just the opposite. In this two part article, we look at a few tips to keep in mind while choosing your very own candid wedding photographer:


Meet him or her in person. There’s so much you can tell about how well you will get along with your photographer within just one meeting. These days, many wedding photographers have their own Facebook pages and websites which allow prospective clients to get in touch with them easily. But irrespective of how socially active your photographer is, ensure that you have a minimum of two meetings with them. Oh, and don’t forget to take your betrothed along for the one on one as well. Getting in touch with more than one candid photographer will give you an idea about different approaches and styles as well.

We’ll be back with more tips next week on how to choose your candid wedding photographer!

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