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paperless wedding invitations

Indian weddings are changing; big time. Take the case of wedding invites. Who says wedding invitation cards have to be printed? These days, more couples are opting for email and video invites than ever. Social media is also making it easier to send paperless invitations and collect RSVPs. Many wedding planners and event coordinators also recommend e-invitations to their clients. And it is easy going the paperless invitation way: all you need is a bit of attention to details and the right approach. Let us take a look at ways to rock your paperless invitations:

Advantages of Paperless Invites


In the majority of the cases, paperless invites can work out cheaper. A set of printed 100 invitations can cost around 2000 INR. If you plan on having professionally shot save the date or video invites, then the cost could be comparable. Couples on a strict budget may want to negotiate with their invitation vendors or go the paperless route for significant savings.


Paperless invitations are hassle-free. All you need is email addresses of people you want to invite(you do not even need those if you plan to use Facebook to create events and invite your friends!). No licking postage stamps and writing hundreds of addresses on envelopes. Sending out paper invites can be incredibly time-consuming. So another reason to go paperless!

Incorporate your personality and wedding colors in the invites

A bit of creativity is all it takes to incorporate your wedding theme, colours and your personality in your invitations. A cute save-the-date video, the story of how you and your better-half-to-be met or simply a cute picture of the two of you; these are just a few elements to add to your paperless/video invites.


Think of the thousands of trees we can save if everyone decides to go paperless.

Get RSVPs instantly

Keeping a track of people attending your events will become easy peasy with paperless invitations. Simply direct people to your wedding website, where they can immediately checkboxes as to if they are attending or otherwise.

Top Website/apps to Create Free Indian Paperless Invitations

Desi Invite

This wonderful website allows you to upload your photos, change fonts and styles on predesigned customizable templates and immediately download or share the created invites on social media, email etc. Guests are directed to a landing page where they can see event details and immediately RSVP. Apart from weddings, they also have options to invite for puja/rituals, festivals, naming ceremonies, birthdays etc. Desi Invite also offers paid or premium invitation options.

See My Marriage

This is another site that allows free save-the-date non-HD videos. Just upload the photos and other details you wish to include in the invite. Pay if you want high def videos. You can also pay if you want their experts to create the videos.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

This is an application with predefined Hindu wedding invitation templates. Download the app on your Android Smartphone and customize the card which you can send to friends and loved ones.

You can also try Brochure Maker site to get more ideas.

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