Top Makeup Artists Discuss Changes & Hygiene Practices They’re Following During Pandemic Weddings

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Image courtesy Vritti Pathanimua
weddingsOnline team recently spoke to top makeup artists Vritti Pathanimua, Aradhana Khanna, and Manisha of Manisha’sMakeupZone  to find out how they are adapting to the pandemic bridal makeup safety and hygiene norms.

1) Have you done weddings during this pandemic?

Says MUA Vritti Pathani
I recently did bridal makeup which included the wedding and reception makeup. In my experience, while the spirit of looking one’s best is still there; people are extremely nervous about letting makeup artists touch them or come close to them. And I understand that that is very natural.
We professionals also experience the same nervousness, yet we do our best and assure our clients that the staff is not infectious and that we haven’t contracted the illness. For this purpose, we also perform all requisite checks and maintain records that include the staff members’ daily temperature checks, travel history, etc.
We are strictly using PPE kits and maintaining social distance. There are some practical difficulties in doing the makeup now with the PPE kits and gloves. It is rather difficult to freely move, bend, and work best with the gloved hands.
Doing the client’s hair is really tedious-especially working with rollers, straighteners, etc. As we have mo options we have to do quite a bit of stuff using our bare hands. That is why; we take meticulous care through regular sanitization of equipment, stringent hand-washing and the use of alcohol-based sanitizers,, cleaning and wiping down the makeup area with disinfectants, and also sanitizing all makeup applicators and related materials.
Thus, working through all these difficulties and using the utmost precaution, we ensure putting in all the efforts for dolling up our brides and making them look their best. The only way to keep oneself and one’s clients safe is to be proactive in maintaining hygiene, constantly sanitizing, and practicing social distancing to the highest levels possible.
Says MUA Aradhana Khanna
Yes, I have done weddings during these difficult times. I have to say it’s not the easiest process, as you are scared you might catch the virus, and you are scared that you shouldn’t transmit to your clients as well. So the team and I constantly sanitize our hands as well as all the products, tools, clothes, etc. We all wear a mask, a face shield and hand gloves. It is definitely risky but if you know you are not exposing yourself and taking all the right precautions then it’s alright, and after all, I purely love and live to see that smile on my brides face.

2) What are the measures you have implemented as per government guidelines to ensure the safety of clients?

Says Vritti Pathanimua
Apart from the precautionary measures I have already explained above, we also take the following measures in the salon:
  • A signed self-declaration of medical and travel history by clients when entering the salon.
  • Full body sanitization of staff and clients upon their entry into the salon.
  • Clients are given one-time use – aprons and gowns before the service.
  • No contact temperature checks at salon entry for clients and staff.
  • Foot sanitization dispensers stands are placed at all locations of the salon.
  • Regular and frequent sanitization of the premises after every client service.
  • Use of PPE kits, gloves, and face shields while performing services, as far as possible.
  • Only allowing a restricted number of clients at any one time in the salon.
  • Sensitization of salon staff to maintain social distance at the salon and at home, educating them for maintaining self cleanliness, washing hands regularly, and using sanitizers.

3) A makeup style you would suggest for brides considering the fact that most weddings would take place in their houses or in smaller halls?

Image: Aradhana Khanna

Says Aradhana Khanna

I have always been a believer of less is more and with these times and the weddings becoming more intimate I would highly suggest natural, subtle looks with light foundations or BB creams and more emphasis on one feature in this case eyes and keeping flushed cheeks and lips depending on the outfits, yet not forgetting that it is the biggest day of her life and creating magic for her.

4) Do you think brides would still prefer Makeup artists from different cities or would they go in for local ones? Also, would you travel during this time to help brides get ready?

Says Manisha

I think that brides would prefer any makeup artist including those from another city provided that they ensure 100% safety and hygiene practices and standards. I am sure that all brides would expect their artists to follow all the necessary precautions and guidelines, maintain a safe distance, and also make use of PPE and other necessary equipment. I would certainly travel as soon as restrictions are lifted, naturally after taking all the precautionary measures.

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