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Ever wonder how a woman can pull off a gaudy creation of the likes that can often be spotted on the fashion runaway? Well, if the latest trend reports are to be believed, Kerala Christian brides are more than willing to ditch the traditional cream and gold saree and are more than happy to choose a floor length wedding gown instead. So, why would a traditional Kerala Christian bride walk away from a beautiful simple creation and be willing to spend more on an exclusive designer gown?


Well, contrary to what one might think, it’s quite a common belief that once a bride has been spotted wearing a wedding saree, that she isn’t likely to wear it again for other ceremonies or occasions. Kerala Christian brides want versatility and bridal wear that stands out and has verve, which could be a huge reason why these bridal wear ideas are currently trending. Not to forget, international looks and other foreign bridal wear trends also play a huge role in shaping what wedding wear brides eventually choose. Today’s modern Kerala Christian bride wants bridal wear that has a story behind it, which looks gorgeous and which will be remembered.



Women all over the world often mope about how they love the colour or fabric of a wedding gown but also that it doesn’t look as nice as they imagined on them. Sarees have always been heralded as THE garment for Indian women irrespective of body size, shape or height but a strong argument in favour of gowns is that these too can also be tailor-made to suit any kind of body. Moreover, thanks to a nice silhouette, even plus sized brides don’t need to get anxious about dimpled or flabby areas. However, such brides would also need to go for cuts and fabric that effectively drape their body to create the desired slimming effect.


Thirdly, bridal gowns are so easy to carry. No more gingerly holding saree pleats in one’s hand and stressing about whether a safety pin or two are showing. Traditional Kerala Christian brides would wear one saree for the ceremony and change into a second one for the reception. However, brides who opt for gowns are more than happy to wear the same garment for both the ceremony and the reception with a full makeover in terms of makeup and hairstyle.


It isn’t worth spending so much of money on bridal wear that can be worn just once and that’s why gowns are worth considering. This beautiful garment can be effortlessly reworked and with minor alterations, an entirely different look can be created. This means that brides can flaunt their wedding wear on other occasions without feeling that they are repeating their wedding gown.

Next week, we bring you a few styles that are trending in wedding gowns and which you should consider for your wedding too.

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