Underwater Post-Wedding Shoot In Thailand By ConsciouSpace®

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Today we are casting the spotlight on ConsciouSpace®, a team of brilliant photographers based in Bangalore. They recently had arranged for an exciting underwater shoot in Thailand for a couple and we were very curious to know how they had achieved those brilliant effects. In a candid chat with weddingsonline, Team ConsciouSpace® gives us all the details.

Couple: Sheela & Prashanth

Location: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, Krabi, Thailand


Planning is one of the most crucial phases of photography and we approach each shoot in 3 stages:

  • Understanding the client, their comfort zone, taste & preferences and most importantly openness to new concepts and ideas
  • Storyboard/Theme is the second phase which is critical in making the dreamy concepts into reality and bridge the gap of what is visualized with what is practically achievable
  • Ambience and budget are the third pillar of any planning stage which offers the aesthetics and flavor required for the desired output

At ConsciouSpace®, we strongly believe in following the above principles that helps create happy memories by avoiding lag time and ambiguity. The above planning offered great flexibility for this couple and execute what was to be a pre-wedding shoot into a destination photo-shoot at Krabi, Thailand post their marriage!

Role of weddingsOnline

Sheela approached us through weddingsOnline few months before her wedding with the clarity of what she wanted and understood the micro aspects of creativity, aesthetics and quality required. This brought in a package of high expectations and more so considering she was going ahead with a lead through an online portal which carries significant ambiguities for the conservative mindset of the parents & family.

We met Sheela & coordinated with her fiancé – Prashanth who was working abroad, and explained them the factors involved for effective output such as drafting the requirements, planning the stages of the shoot, understanding the family, critical elements and challenges involved, kit and team requirement.

underwater shoot in Thailand by ConsciouSpace underwater shoot in Thailand by ConsciouSpace

Challenges galore!

Despite the detailed preparations, the situations did throw up challenges that altered the mood of the shoot. At ConsciouSpace®, we strongly believe in not progressing with the shoot, especially when the emotions and happiness are not actively brought out in the couple.

We recommended the couple to proceed with their wedding first and then commence with the underwater shoot at a later stage when situations were favorable. Post their wedding, the couple contacted us and expressed their opinion to engage us during their honeymoon trip to Thailand. They also had modified concepts, newer ideas and flavors to suit the destination. As part of this deal, we offered them the idea of underwater photo-shoot, which would perfectly suit the proposed plan.

underwater shoot in Thailand by ConsciouSpace underwater shoot in Thailand by ConsciouSpace

Dealing with hydrophobia!

The couple was super excited about the idea even though both were hydrophobic and completely depended on us to fill them with necessary skill-sets. It took us nearly 4 hours to commence with the shoot and help them understand buoyancy, breathing techniques and striking a pose. But the entire effort was worth it as the creative freedom and support from the couple helped us create a beautiful memory for them!

underwater shoot in Thailand by ConsciouSpace

One very critical element that worked for them was to review the photos that were taken during practice which helped them identify the missing links and rectify them. The appeal of the photographs made them more inquisitive and they kept going forward.

What special equipment did you use?

Digital era demands more than full HD quality and options available have increased the need for getting ultra high-resolution photographs. Full frame sensor cameras (in our case Canon 5D Mark III) understand better detailing of colors and their reproduction in the photographs are higher compared to entry-level cameras, GoPros or cameras and mobiles stuffed in a plastic waterproof bag. If you are considering creating out-of-the-box results and going beyond ordinary, the need for special equipment is inevitable. In this scenario, we decided to use our underwater housing for the DSLR and waterproof strobe lights to generate these dreamy photos.

At ConsciouSpace® we strongly believe that beyond satisfying the needs of the client, we prefer to delight them by taking them through an experience during our photo-shoots and letting them live through the moments as we progress in the shoot.

We wish this beautiful couple a wonderful married life!

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