Vegan Wedding- 6 Tips You Should Know

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Veganism is often confused with vegetarianism but the two are completely different terms. Vegetarians do not abstain from consuming dairy or animal products as long as it doesn’t include consumption of meat. Vegans on the other hand, abstain from dairy products of any kind as well as meat products. The world over, veganism has begun to spring up in diets because veganism as such has been linked to overall better health for the individual. Vegans often report having more energy, less acne problems, fewer digestive problems and have glowing skin too. So what does veganism have to do with Indian weddings, you may ask? Well, vegan weddings are trending in a slow but steady manner all across the country as couples advocate greener weddings which serve healthier alternatives to regular wedding cuisine. Here are our top 6 tips for planning a vegan wedding:


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Vegan weddings encourage going green and a good way to let your guests know the theme of your wedding would be by getting your invitations printed on recycled paper or on seed paper. Seed paper can actually be planted in a pot and serves as a great souvenir of your wedding.


vegan wedding

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A vegan wedding means saying no to silk, wool, leather, fur or any other animal based product. But don’t despair- there are plenty of great wedding wear options you can find in material substitutes like cotton, chiffon and polyester. In fact, you’ll find that besides getting great designs in such materials, you also get to save a lot of money which would have otherwise been spent on one-time wear.


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Vegan brides stay away from wearing pearls and unethically sourced diamonds. Silver jewellery, black metal jewellery or even beaded jewellery are other good alternatives to consider.


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Real cut flowers are rarely spotted at vegan weddings and a good alternative to invest in would be potted plants instead. Potted plants are not only in vogue at weddings right now, but they look very pretty as well and by using different types of plants, it can enhance the feel of the overall ambience of the wedding venue.  Moreover, these plants can also be used as wedding gift favours for the guests. Paper flowers can be used to decorate the mandap and look almost indistinguishable from real flowers.


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Don’t be under the assumption that a vegan wedding will compromise on taste just because your guests may not be used to it. There are plenty of great recipes available and if you insist on service local fare, you’ll find that many daily ingredients can be substituted with vegan ones. For instance, dairy milk can be replaced with soy milk and snacks like soy chunk fritters can be served in place of chicken nuggets. Talk to your caterer about using such substitutes while putting together the menu and yes, vegan desserts are super yum too.


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Gift your guests potted plants or look for vegan gifting options on the net such as soy candles, handmade soap bombs or vegan sweet treats. You could also ask your guests to donate money on your behalf to your favourite charity organisation.

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