Why Hire An Indian Wedding Planner?

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A traditional Indian wedding is full of customs, rituals and traditions. There are a hundred things to do, and the bride, groom as well as their close friends and family members are bound to experience a great deal of stress. These hassles can be considerably reduced by enlisting the help of a professional Indian wedding planner. An experienced wedding planner understands the formula that helps bring about this fusion of rituals and cultures. He/she will help you celebrate this occasion in a resplendent manner that is sure to impress your guests and make the wedding a truly memorable one.

So much to do….


Once the date for the wedding has been fixed, the couples need to consider the number of functions they want to organize and fix the timings and dates for each one. Next, one needs to consider the budget and the size of the wedding, the number of guests to invite and accordingly allocate responsibilities to every family member. The venue of the wedding has to be decided upon and, in view of that; one has to pay a deposit amount for booking the same.

Planning a large wedding?

For large weddings, the preparations must commence at least 6 months in advance. The wedding and reception venues have to be booked and menu has to be decided upon, especially if the occasion is being held during peak wedding season. Most banquet halls tend to get booked quickly so you have to be the proverbial ‘early bird’.



Once a rough draft of guest lists have been draw, the couple can choose their wedding invitation cards. One can decide to use one card to notify guests regarding the wedding and the reception timings and venue. In some cultures, the bridegroom’s family hosts the reception and takes care of all the preparations required for that.

Invitation cards need to be sent out in advance especially to guests who are arriving from out of town/country. This way they can make the necessary travel arrangements.

How a wedding planner can help


For one, professional wedding planners can help you come up with a great wedding theme, and accordingly help in making arrangements for flowers, decorations, bridal dresses and trousseau all of which conform to the theme.The professional wedding planner is also in charge of hiring all the vendors, florists, beauticians (unless one has one’s preferences), videographers, photographers, mithaiwalas, electricians for decorations and lighting and also the pundit who presides over the ceremony.

In the meantime, the bride and groom can start shopping for attire and jewelry and even choose the location for their honeymoon. When they are confident in the knowledge that a professional is taking care of all other aspects, they can enjoy this important life-event peacefully.

Two to three months prior to the Big Day, the planners confirm all bookings and reservations, talk to mehendi artists and beauticians, purchase the wedding favors and return gifts etc.  The wedding planners also meet up with the photographer and make sure he has the same photographic styles in mind as you. Additionally, the planner can arrange for music and entertainment for all different ceremonies conducted during the wedding.

Last minute issues

Planners can help take care of last minute issues that are bound to arise during large wedding ceremonies. These include: picking up the bridal wear, confirming transportation arrangements for the bridal party and making last minute purchases or hires.As can be seen, an Indian wedding has several arrangements that need to be taken care of. Timing is of utmost importance in this celebration. A wedding planner works closely with the bride and the groom (as well as their families) to intricately manage the cultures, traditions and faiths. They can help you avoid hang ups and frustrations to give you a beautiful, stylish and truly unique wedding without the associated stress and anxiety.

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