WOL’s Most Loved MUAs of 2017-18

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The way a bride looks on her wedding day can either elevate her to a never seen before avatar or be completely amiss. For those few hours, a bride is entirely in the hands of her stylist or makeup artist and trusts that person to bring out nothing less than the best in her. Today, we highlight our top 6 2017 Bridal Make-up Vendors (or MUA’s) on WOL who have wooed brides and their loved ones with their creative artistic touch time and again:

Sunil Navle

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Image courtesy Sunil Navle Makup

If a makeup artist who has worked with Bollywood celebs sounds exciting, then Sunil Navle is your man. His forte lies in bridal makeup and hair and yes, he has ‘dressed’ up many well-known celebs for events and promos too. Rest assured that Sunil will never overdo your makeup, rather he will ensure that your best features are highlighted beautifully. He is known for his airbrush and HD makeup techniques. To book Sunil for your wedding, click here.

Sachinn Ramesh Family Salon

best loved MUAs of 2017-18 in Mumbai on WeddingsonlineIndia

Image courtesy Sachinn Family Salon

Having trained at the prestigious Jawed Habib International Academy, Sachinn is quite popular in Hyderabad circles for his bridal makeup services. Besides that, he also has a full-fledged spa and beauty salon which specialises in all kinds of spa treatments that are specially customised to suit each bride. To book Sachinn for your big day, click here.

Farah Charania Makeovers

best loved MUAs of 2017-18 in Mumbai on WeddingsonlineIndia

Image courtesy Farah Charania Makeovers

With a strong career spanning more than 7 years in makeup and styling, Farah is known to give her brides gorgeous makeovers that are guaranteed to dazzle. Want a sleek contoured look that looks stylish in each photo? Then Farah our top rated MUA can do that for you. Whatever be your idea of how a perfect bride should look, Farah’s magic never fails to impress. Book Farah for your wedding makeup by clicking this link.

Kajol Paswan

best loved MUAs of 2017-18 in Mumbai on WeddingsonlineIndia

Image courtesy Kajol Paswwan

Want the latest bridal makeup techniques for your special day? Then Kajol Paswwan is the right makeup expert to turn to. She has more than 10 years of experience in the business of styling brides and making them look gorgeous and believes in creating a makeup style based on a bride’s needs. Kajol believes that no two brides are the same and she doesn’t hesitate in investing time in order to achieve the perfect look. Book Kajol by clicking this link.


Top MUA of WOL 2017-18

Image courtesy Ramila Wedding Makeover

As the name suggests, you get nothing short of a jaw dropping makeover when you hire Ramila to do your bridal makeup. Besides being professionally trained in various makeup techniques, Ramila’s makeup never runs and that means that no matter how long the ceremony takes, a bride will look just as fresh in the evening as she did in the morning. Here is Ramila’s portfolio where you can also book her for your Big Day!

Nikita Vala

best loved MUAs of 2017-18 in Mumbai on WeddingsonlineIndia

Image courtesy Nikita Vala Makeup

Nikita Vala is known for her keen sense of style and her ability to craft the perfect look for brides irrespective of their skin tones. Plus, this MUA’s bridal hairstyles are quite unique too and you can be certain that in the end, you will love the flawless look she creates. Click here to book Nikita for your wedding makeup and hairstyle!

Main image courtesy Worldwide Photoworks Pvt Ltd

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