WOL’s Most Loved Wedding Photographers of 2017-18

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It’s said that a lovely memory can be beautifully captured in the perfect photograph. Or, as we like to think by the perfect photographer! For those few hours, a couple allow themselves to be immersed in each moment and it’s the job of the wedding photographers to ensure that those moments are vividly clicked. Change the angle or the lighting and what would have been just an ordinary photo becomes something more. It’s really those wedding day photographs that help you remember each detail and relive those hours again as the years go by. At weddingsonline India, we’re proud to feature our top 2017 wedding photographers who stood out with each click of their cameras:

1. ConsciouSpace

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With a strong portfolio that spans more than 5 years, this professional team of photographers loves to take up assignments all over the country. If you’re not the kind who likes to pose and pout but prefers naturally shot clicks, then this is undoubtedly the wedding photographer to call. No shoot is too far for them and with their specialty being candid photography, it’s no surprise that WOL brides loved their work! To find out more about ConsciouSpace, click here.

2. Kaustubh’s Photography

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If you’re really passionate about something, that love for what you do will shine through no matter how big or small the work is. Clicks which have been well thought out and that are creative- that’s what you get when Kaustubh Joshi is behind the lens. The glint of a jewel, the sparkle in a bride’s eyes: these are just a few of the details that stand out perfectly. To find out more about Kaustubh’s Photography, click here.

3. Arrow Multimedia

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These wedding photographers are based in Mumbai and have plenty of experience in making couples smile in front of the camera effortlessly. Interested in giving a pre wedding photoshoot a try? Then call these experts because you’re guaranteed photos that are worth every rupee that’s spent. Plus, video photoshoots are also trending these days and that’s another specialty of theirs! To find out more about Arrow Multimedia, click here.

4. Abhishek Ghadi Photography

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You know a photograph that’s been clicked by Abhishek Ghadi, when you see one- the shots will either have a breathtakingly scenic view or highlight a particular detail that would have otherwise gone amiss. So, if you want a photographer to capture those specific details that you would like to relive again, in a  few years’ time, then look no further than this wedding photographer. To find out more about Abhishek Ghadi Photography, click here.

5. Worldwide Photoworks Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as Sudeep Mehta Photoworks)

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Want award winning wedding photographers to document your special day? Then these guys from Mumbai should be on your speed dial. With over 7 years of experience as a professional company, they’ve won not fewer than 150 International awards and are a known name in more than 18 countries. Not to forget that they’ve also worked in 8 countries on various assignments. To find out more about Worldwide Photoworks, click here.

6. Sharp Shooters (Formerly known as Shraddha Arts)

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Getting the best shot in that one quick moment requires nothing less than a highly trained eye and that’s what you get when you get Sharp Shooters on board to be your official wedding photographer. Take a look at their portfolio and you’ll find that all their photographs have a distinct eye for detail and are very vivid in colour. To find out more about Sharp Shooters, click here.

Main image: Abhishek Ghadi Photography

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