Tips to Plan Your Wedding – Stress Free!

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There comes a moment in your life when you see someone and realize that yes, this is the one I want to spend my life with. You then express your feelings and soon get engaged. And the next thing you know:  people around are asking you a bunch of questions: When and where will you get married? What will you wear at the wedding? Who will you invite?

You yourself are wondering about these questions too. The best time to plan a wedding is at least 3 to 6 months before the actual date. You can go to a creative blog like Huffpost which is rather useful and you can get many wonderful ideas about planning your wedding:

Budgeting is essential

You must first decide the budget. Once that is finalized, you can cover all the expenses of the marriage ceremony. Couples who spend more than their budget face a lot of difficulties later on. After all; no one wants people at their doorstep demanding money they had borrowed for the wedding!

These days, registration of gifts online by the couple-to-be’s friends is all the rage. You can let your friends know beforehand, all the necessary items you need so that you can receive them save yourself from expenses on those necessary items.

Theme Selection

The theme is the mood that you want your wedding to bring on. It could be the color of your wedding decorations, invitation cards, chairs, and table – preferably all of the same color to give your wedding a unique and cohesive impression. If you have an aesthetic sense, it would be helpful to plant these activities.

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Delegation of Tasks

You cannot take on the responsibility of wedding planning alone. Doing so will not only leave your tasks incomplete but also make you suffer from panic attacks! You can delegate some tasks to your friends and relatives ahead of times, and of course the professional vendors during the wedding. Provide them the right instruction and keep checking the work performance. Your close friends and family would always be ready and happy to help you even if you delegate tasks at the last minute. So, do not hesitate, as they would do anything for you to prevent your special day from being stressful for you!

Wedding Venue

For an outdoor wedding, inclement weather should be considered. The best option is indoor, in a location that is most accessible to all your guests. This is the highest budget orientated element of any wedding. You can balance your budget by reducing your expenses to other things giving your priority to venue expenses.

Layout and Seating Arrangement For Your Reception

This is one of the essential things that is mostly ignored in a wedding. You must reserve tables for your close friends, parents, and other relatives to avoid any inconvenience during the wedding. There must be a proper gap between seats. The stage should be arranged so that every guest feels comfortable and can easily view the couple on stage. You may organize your guests into groups. There must be special seating arrangements for kids and older people. You can delegate this responsibility to your close friends on your wedding day.

Wedding Invitations

On this special event, you wish to share your loved ones on this happy occasion. Now, this has to be with the consent of your partner. Enlist your common friends and then prioritize individual guests which include your own families, close relatives, and close friends. If the budget permits, you can extend your invitation to more guests. Moreover, it is useless to spend much on wedding cards. In this modern era, you may get benefit from online invitations via WhatsApp or Email. Make sure you get the reply of their confirmation to avoid any misunderstandings afterward.

Management of Time and Appointments

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Manage to call your all appointments for confirmation of hair, makeup, and nails on your wedding day. The items like dancing, cake cutting ceremony, etc should be managed within time.

Despite all the above wedding ideas, we would suggest that planning is better but do not over plan. It may spoil your best day. Keep away from all stress. If somehow, some tasks might not be completed, do not overburden your mind. Your positive energy and smiling face are the top priorities needed on your wedding day.

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