10 Bridal Eye Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

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If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul then it’s also true that one needs to be extra careful with the eye makeup then! There are so many ways to draw attention to the eyes and by taking a little bit of extra care, your peepers will look simply mesmerising. Here are the top 10 mistakes we found that brides often make when it comes to eye makeup:

1. Not Washing the Makeup Off At Night

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Image courtesy Neha Brackstone Photography

Yes, it does matter if the mascara you wore one night before the wedding can still be seen on your eyelashes. The residue of old eye makeup is dangerous, could lead to eye infections and spoil your bridal makeup look.

2. Not Applying Concealer Properly

bridal eye makeup

Image courtesy Capturing Creatures

Concealer isn’t just for the cheeks you know, you definitely need to apply it around your eyes too but you also have to make sure that it blends in really well.

3. Applying Kajal The Wrong Way

bridal eye makeup

Image courtesy Memory Crafters

If you’ve been told that you need to apply kajal to your inner lashline, then you’re being given the wrong advice. Doing so, will only make your eyes smaller and not open them up nicely.

4. Using Too much Eyeliner

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Image courtesy PhotoAlchemy

Just because you have a whole bottle in your hands, it doesn’t mean that you need to use it up. Drawing thin lines around your eyes will make you look prettier- avoid going for a thick application unless you were purposely trying to make your eyes look smaller.

5. Skipping Eyelid Primer

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Image courtesy Arrow Multimedia

Want you eye shadow to really last? Dab on that eye primer first!

6. Applying Eye Shadow Last

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Image courtesy Shine Studio

You need to apply eye shadow first, make sure the makeup blends well and then move on to the eyeliner and mascara.

7. Choosing the Wrong Eyeshadow

bridal eye makeup

It’s true that metal tones were trending for quite some time and glitter is also in. However, this is your wedding day we are talking about and if the look doesn’t suit you at all, then you’re better off with pastel shades.

8. Overdoing your Eyebrow Threading

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Image courtesy Wedding Wings Photography

We suggest not going with what’s in and out. Eyebrows add a certain definition to the face and if thick bushy eyebrows don’t suit you, trust us you won’t like the way you look after your bridal makeup is done either. Ensure that the shape of your brows suit your face- it’s simply non-negotiable.

9. Trying Styles That Don’t Suit You

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Image courtesy Confetti Films

Yes, cat eyes have made a strong comeback, but just because you like the way a model looks wearing that kind of look, it doesn’t mean it will suit you. Sticking to the basics will make you look like a princess not experimenting around on your wedding day.

10. Using The Same Brushes

bridal eye makeup

Image courtesy Clicks Unlimited Photography

If you’re using a brush to apply your eye shadow then make sure you use a different one to apply your eye liner. Using the same brushes can lead to mixing of colours.

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