The Do’s And Dont’s Of Smoky Eye Makeup

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There’s something about smoky eye makeup that instantly makes a bride look ten times more attractive. No surprises then that smoky eye makeup is a trend that has been going strong for years. However, just as with any other makeup trend, smoky eyes too can either look great or look out of place if overdone. In fact, it’s not about the eyes alone but about the manner in which the other aspects of the makeup have been done as well.

Here are our list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to making the most of smoky eye makeup:

Don’t Ignore White Eyeliner

White eyeliner or even blushing white eye shadow when worn on the inner corners of the eyes or on the lower water line will open your eyes and make your eye makeup much more attractive.

smoky eye makeup

Image courtesy PhotoAlchemy

Go Minimal

Imagine just how unattractive a bride would look with heavy smoky eyes, bright red lipstick and heavy foundation. The best way to wear smoke eye makeup is by making sure that the other makeup aspects are kept to a minimum.

Don’t Forget The Blush

There’s a misconception that when paired with smoky eyes, wearing blush or just tinting the cheekbones will look awful. However, we think that if you have chosen the right shade of peach or pink for your cheeks, it will help draw attention to your eye makeup too.

smoky eye makeup

Image courtesy Camera Crew

Get Creative With Eyeshadow

Want your smoky eyes to stand out even more? Then coloured eyeshadow is the answer. The trick lies in pairing the right shade with your smoky eyes. Hot favourites include grey, bronze, gold and silver. White eyeshadow if worn minimally can look real classy too.

Don’t Overdo The Eyeliner

It takes a lot of effort to apply eyeliner in a classy manner and very little effort to look like a panda who has overdone her makeup. Less is more when it comes to smoky eye makeup and that’s why brides shouldn’t try to combine two or three styles with this particular look. Eyeliner when worn simply and not too thickly looks awesome.

smoky eye makeup

Image courtesy Fashion And Beauty Blogger

Try a Different Look

Think smoky eyes and the focus is always on grey or black. However, many celebs have successfully worn the smoky eyes look by using other shades of copper, bronze and gold eyeshadows. When used with a bronzer and a nude makeup look, your eyes will stand out beautifully.

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Well shaped and defined eyebrows are half the answer to drop dead gorgeous eyes. If you like, you can also use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps and to make your brows appear thicker.

Main Image courtesy Fashion And Beauty Blogger

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