10 Of Our Fave Wedding Photos Of Real Couples

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Love insists the loved loves back….

Being loved by the person you love the most is one of the best feelings in the world. Today, we are presenting photos of 10 real couples who prove this for a fact. Feel free to steal these couple photography poses for your own prewedding or engagement shoot.

10 Wedding Photos of Real Couples We Absolutely Adore


Happy couple

Dream In Focus

This is one of those photographs which make you smile the moment you look at it. See, how this picture is radiating love and happiness!


Bride and groom

Camera Crew

That forehead kiss! There’s nothing more romantic than a peck on the forehead.


Wedding couple

Camera Crew

From Paris, this couple came all the way to our aamchi Mumbai just to add the exotic Indian flavor to their wedding. Hence, a big shoutout to this beautiful bride and groom!


Bride and groom

Cineyug Celebrations

We simply loved the way the bride is swirling like a Bollywood heroine and the groom can’t take his eyes of her. Totally adorable!


Prewedding couple shoot

Well, we love everything about this pic. The props, the idea and the couples, of course for laying down on the road to make the idea work so brilliantly. That’s the spirit!

Memory Crafters



Candid Kliks

What to say? The grandeur, the decor, the colour-coordinated wedding wear of the couple, the use of pink, and the couple, of course – it’s worth a “Wow!” for sure.


Couple photography

Dream Catchers Photography

Wedding is the celebration of starting a new life with that Special One. This picture depicts the celebration in the best possible way.


Bride and groom

Sigman Photography

When you are with the one you consider your world, nothing else exists, nothing else matters.


Couple photography

Rich Digital Colour Lab

Happiness is discovering a partner by your side who will be there for you, in sickness and in health. That reassuring presence is called love.


Fave couple

Prashant’s Photography

Carrying the bride over the threshold-a  custom we adore!

Featured Image Courtesy: Confetti Films

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