5 Fun Wedding Photo Shots You Should Consider

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There’s something to be said about unusual wedding photo albums. Not only do they last for generations but every time you flip over a page, you’re reminded of the fun and effort you put in for all those timeless shots. And that’s exactly why our fun wedding photo ideas listed below are worth considering on your wedding day. All you need to do is to tell your wedding photographer that you would like him to take a few candid shots and you’ll be gifted with awesome photos that you two will treasure. And no, we definitely aren’t talking about the standard pose and pout style.

right poses and props for your wedding shoot

Photo courtesy Pritya Arts

Click your shoes

It’s amazing to see how much effort couples take these days to get their footwear absolutely spot on. Shoes, sandals brogues and loafers aren’t just run of the mill purchases anymore. Instead, Indian couples are opting for coloured footwear that blends effortlessly with the rest of their attire. So, don’t you think your lovely footwear deserves to be the sole spotlight in at least one photograph?

fun wedding photo

Photo courtesy Dream Catchers Photography

Where’s your bouquet

Your early morning blooms unfortunately won’t look like they were plucked exclusively for you by the time half the day is done. Bouquets and hanging flowers are usually used as side props but close-up shots taken with these flowers just beside your face or even thrown up in the air are honestly something else. Don’t discard the flowers but take fun photos when they are at their most fresh.

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Photo courtesy Camera Crew

Use Props

Now who said that props were best left for a candid photo booth? There’s no reason why the bride and groom can’t have their fun clicking a few photos with colourful props close at hand. In fact, whether you decide to go for little blackboards with words written on them or for actual side props that can be used to add colour for a fun wedding photo, this idea is worth exploring.

fun wedding photo

Image courtesy Candid Kliks

The Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

It’s sad to note that most of the times the very people who came shopping with you and who you have talked endlessly about your wedding with are usually the ones who don’t feature much in many wedding photos. To be honest, your bridal or groom party are the best people to take fun photos with. You could be making funny faces together, posing in different ways or simply just being yourselves and they simply wouldn’t mind. We say go ahead, let your hair down and capture a bit of everybody’s personality with a fun wedding photo.

fun wedding photo

Photo courtesy Pankaj Rokade Photography

The Classic Jump Photo

You’ve probably seen many photos of the wedding party actually kicking off their shoes and jumping in the air. Now about doing the same? It’s a classic fun wedding photo that’s got so many elements of spontaneity, fun and expressiveness that’s just like no other. Sure, everybody’s hair will be all over the place but this kind of a photograph is a keepsake that will be treasured for sure. And besides, who says it’s wrong to become a kid again?

Main image courtesy  Candid Kliks

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