10 Things to Avoid in the Week Leading Up to the Wedding

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When the D-day is just a week away, you already have many irons in the fire. As your to-do-list is quite full, learn about the don’ts here. Yes, avoid these 10 things at any cost a week prior to your wedding –

1. New Experimental Haircuts: Not only for haircuts, try to avoid this “experimental” word for the next one week except if it’s about clothes. Trying new haircuts just before your wedding can turn out deadly. In fact, wedding hairstyling starts 3 months before the wedding date. Your hair stylist decides a cut, style and length that will match your bridal wears, necklines and everything. So, a drastic haircut can spoil everything at a moment.

2. New fitness plans: This is NOT the time to make changes to your fitness routine. If you are thinking to try out some rigorous exercises to get a more toned body then let us inform you that stretched muscles take a couple of weeks to heal. Going for morning jogs may help you in coping with the stress.

3. New hair colour: A strict no-no. You cannot afford to endanger your bridal look by getting a colour that does not match your skin tone or your personality. In case, you have made that blunder then no need to panic. You can just re-colour your hair. Remember, there’s not much bleach in the colours.

4. Alcohol: Alcohol makes people look puffy and sore. It also disrupts the digestive system. So, if you do not want to look wasted in your wedding pictures, stay away from alcohol.

5. Change in diet: If you think skipping your meals or living on a liquid diet for a week before wedding can help you slim down then think again. It will only make you look weak and sick. So stick to the usual pre-wedding diet chart you have been following for a couple of months.

6. Sleepless nights: Well, the mental pressure can be too taxing and the pre-wedding jitters may snatch away your sleep at night. But, it will not be very wise to stay awake when the wedding is just a week away. Your body needs sleep, so is your mind.

7. Completely new skin care products: Do not include new brands or new skin care products you have not used before. If it does not suit your skin and end up in skin eruptions, it can cause huge problem.

8. Caffeine products: If possible, stop drinking coffee or any caffeine beverages until the wedding is over as it does little help in easing the anxiety.

9. Peeling: Peeling, especially, chemical peeling leaves the skin dry with dead skins surfacing up. The dead skin cells can eventually become prominent once the makeup is done. So, all you need is a smooth and moisturized skin, not a skin full of dead flakes showing up.

10. Going out in the sun: Yes, if it is not absolutely necessary, try to remain indoors. If that is hard to do so, then put enough sunscreen before going out.

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