Get Yourself A Bridal Hair Accessory This Year

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We’re quite excited about the many bridal trends that are often spotted on runaways and on Indian brides throughout the year. Weddings once used to be a simple affair with the main highlight of the wedding ceremony being the bridal sari that the bride wore. Today, however, modern Indian brides have a range of looks to choose from. They can choose to go all out and colourful in a typical Indian wedding ceremony, opt for a simple no-frills private ceremony or go DIY too. Today’s bride doesn’t necessarily want to be bedecked in jewellery from head to toe- and that’s where established brands like Swarovski, Cartier and others have made a big impact on the Indian bridal scene.

A point worth noting is that irrespective of the size of the wedding and the jewellery worn, bridal hair accessories have always been around and used in different ways. They have often been used to highlight a particular hair style, to add a touch of glamour to the bride’s hair, to match the wedding veil or a jewellery piece or simply to hold the hair back elegantly. We share the top 2016 bridal hair accessories you should know about this year:

2016 bridal hair accessory

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Tiaras- Often spotted on bridesmaids and Christian brides, tiaras truly make a bride look like a princess indeed. They are worn to keep the veil in place or simply as a simple hair accessory. We suggest keeping the tiara simple if you choose to wear other pieces of jewellery but there’s no harm in going for a bigger tiara if you want that to be the standout accessory. Not content with tiaras that have fake stones? Then get yours done with studded crystals and diamonds. It’s a wonderful keepsake too.

2016 bridal hair accessory

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Flowers– Garden and vintage weddings have been quietly doing the rounds since last year and a great way to add to the overall theme is to wear flowers in your hair. Of course, you can go with just a single flower if you choose, for the wedding or wear a small ring of flowers in your hair too. Either way, it will look really colourful and keep your hair smelling good too. Flowers are always worn by South Indian brides (strings of jasmine) and they play a special role in the ceremony too. This 2016 bridal hair accessory is here to stay.

2016 bridal hair accessory

Image courtesy Rocky Wilz

Hair clips- This 2016 bridal hair accessory is highly affordable and looks really pretty too. And no, you do not have to wear a simple one that is likely to get lost in your mane. What you can do however, is to buy a few hair clips and hair pins in different shapes, designs and sizes. If you go with smaller ones, you can use more than 3 on your hair for a sparkly effect. Hair pins with stones are really popular and make a bride look pretty especially when the stones used match the wedding ensemble.

2016 bridal hair accessory

Image courtesy AnshuVini Photography

Indian maang-tikkas are a very popular bridal hair accessory too and are available in a number of designs and sizes. We suggest keeping your maang-tikka simple especially if you are wearing heavy jewellery.

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