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Month: January 2016

biggest wedding trends of 2016

4 Of The Biggest Wedding Trends To Watch Out For in 2016

More personal, meaningful and fun: These are the words that will best describe Indian weddings of 2016. Presenting ideas and wedding trends you can infuse with your personal...

mandap decor inspiration

10 Mandap Decor Inspiration Photos for You!

Do you want to surprise your wedding guests with a breathtaking mandap decor? Then here's your chance to grab some ideas from these 10 amazing mandap decor inspiration...

mehendi hacks for bridesmaids

DIY Mehndi Hacks For Brides

Mehendi hacks bridesmaids and brides should know....

indian wedding planner

How to Select Your Indian Wedding Planner?

Finding the right wedding planner who will be compatible with you is not that easy. So, here is what you need to do to find the right Indian...