2018 Wedding Dress Trends For Brides

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The choice for the perfect bridal dress keeps getting harder and harder with every passing day as trends keep on fluctuating and styles keep on varying. What you had your mind set upon in 2016, might no longer be your desire  in 2017. And now we’re in 2018, which means newer styles and more ideas to select from. Translating to a lot more of stress! We know exactly what you feel! And to make life easier, we have come up with latest wedding dress trends inspired by Indian fashion designers and Indian bridal couture week. So, scroll down and relish upon the finest of  weding dress ideas so you can easily find your pick for your big day!

Layer, Layer and Some More Layers

You can never go wrong with layering. In the past, women used to add more layers to add volume to their lehengas, but now volume is just one reason to add more cancans. One can customize the layering idea by varying the length or  the cloth of different drapes. The layered bridal silhouette can help fulfill your dream of a fairy-tale wedding with an exquisite trousseau that is unforgettable.

wedding dress trends 2018

Belts and Sass

Sassy is the new legacy- inherit and embellish it in your wedding dress!  Go in for bold overstated belts with your designer lehengas and sarees. If you want to make a style statement and stand apart from the crowd, then belts are the way to go. Keep it simple and classy or exaggerated and fancy, belts work either ways and help you in making an everlasting impression and steal the desired appeal.

best wedding dress trends 2018

Image via Pinterest credit Zarah Clothing

Princess Trail

The princess trail has become seemingly popular nowadays because of its luxurious and royal appeal. Moreover, long trails allow the bride an ethereal entry for which you don’t need to put in extra effort. All you have to do is let the length flow and that is enough to cast magic and drown the onlookers in awe.

trailing gowns wedding dress trends 2018

Image: Namzish Label

Floral Prints

Wearing a floral wedding dress definitely sets you apart and allows you to maintain an aura you have dreamed of. Floral prints, no matter how risky, if utilized creatively, can make a great visual impact. Moreover, this style involves no embroidery and heavy stonework, which allows you to breathe and walk freely – sounds great!

bridal dress trends 2018

French Curve by Anjali Sharma

Ruffles are Fun

Nope, ruffles aren’t just for skirts or shirts. And if you love fashion as much as we do, then ruffles may be just the thing you are looking for. Ruffles bring combine old school drama with modern flair. All you have to do is find the right space for them and you are good to go.

Indian wedding dress trends

Image: Yoshita-Burano


Can’t choose between a saree or a lehenga? Then put them together and make yourself a sari gown or a lehenga sari that will have everyone complimenting you for your fashion sense and choice. The best thing about this mashup trend is that you can explore, experiment and try as many combos as you like: you can’t go wrong. Mashups will definitely help you discover and uncover your personal style!

Indian bridal dress trends 2018

Image: Glance Stores

Neons and pastels

Reds and pinks are passe; now is the time for mystifying pastels and bewitching neons. The vibrant shades these two have got to offer are simply enthralling and forever unparalleled. It’s time to change for the better, so why not start here? Play with colors this wedding season and get ready for a lot of compliments.

Indian wedding dress trends for 2018


Who said capes were only for superheroes? This season capes are here for Indian brides to help them enter their wedding mandap in style. Modern brides are embracing  this new trend which has become the latest craze of the fashion industry.

Dresses for Indian bride 2018

Nachiket Barve at 2017 Lakme Fashion Week

Shimmer and Sparkle

Shimmer is always a winner and when it comes to wedding dresses; you certainly want to shine, don’t you? Forget subtle and simple and open your arms wide for the captivating glitter. There is so much scope here-go for choli with shimmer and plain ghagra or go all out with heavily embroidered lehenga choli from top to toe.

Indian wedding dress trends 2018

Image: Frugal2Fab

The Classic Cut

Look like a million dollar bride with the classic cut. Most brides are familiar with this trend; the extra flare does not require one to diet or exercise. The flared outfit covers everything and suits most body shapes.

classic lehenga style for 2018 weddings


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This article was contributed by  Heeral Thakkar-a fashion designer who commenced with her vision of inspiring the world with her fabulous and stylish clothing line through The Sari Palace. Heeral is a pioneer in  fusion Indian clothing and tradition in California. Presently, people from all over the country are interested in shopping from this first ever Indian bridal boutique. With experience in handwoven and unique fashion trends, Heeral is renowned as a talented fashion designer in the country.

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