Tips On Finding The Right Lingerie For You

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Lingerie shopping can be a very confusing experience. It’s not just about finding hot bridal lingerie that will make a striking impression but it’s also about knowing what to pick up and choosing something that suits your body. So what should it be? A bust enhancing brassiere or a minimiser with lace? A satin nightie with a robe or a babydoll instead? Sometimes, it can be embarrassing to find out that a lingerie that looks deadly on a mannequin doesn’t look just as great on us, in the trial room. That’s why you’ll find that our tips on how to find the right lingerie for you quite useful on your next shopping expedition:


Know what to look for- Most women know that they want something sexy but aren’t aware of the different terminology that is used to describe each individual lingerie piece. If you’d like to get started on some basic lingerie wear, then do read our articles on hot bridal lingerie that will give you a head-start. You’ll find tons of material online as well and as you sift through pictures of lingerie, you will also have a clear idea of what will make you feel the most comfortable. Comfort does matter because irrespective of how lacy the apparel is, discomfort of any kind will show.



Highlight the best, hide the rest: We recommend taking a good look at yourself in the mirror because nobody knows your body like you. Take a good look at your bust, curves, waist, hips and thighs- now make a mental note of what you would consider your best features. If you have a fantastic cleavage, why not show it off? Or if you have strong athletic legs, why not highlight them? On the other hand, if you would prefer to underplay a big bust or hide your muffin top, you’ll find shape enhancing lingerie that will do the trick neatly for you. In fact, that’s the best part about lingerie on the whole- it can help put the spotlight on those features that are worth the attention and help to camouflage any nasty bits.




The combination matters: Choose colours and tones that bring out the beauty of your skin and which flatter them. Most importantly, also pay attention to the fabric you choose. Sheer fabrics such as georgette, satin and chiffon are a good choice for plus sized women because they cling to the body without adding further bulk. The style you eventually opt for should also complement your figure and personality. Buying contrasting shades in lingerie may be a good idea as long as it’s on a mannequin but a single coloured lingerie will look much better on you instead.


Trial and error: There’s a reason why retail shops invest so much in creating the right displays for their stores. That’s because women are known impulsive shoppers and are highly likely to purchase something that looks good at first sight. Don’t make that mistake when buying lingerie. Unless you take the time to pick what you think will suit you and actually try it on, you won’t really know how it looks on you. Lingerie can be a very expensive purchase so it’s always a good idea to ask a friend to come lingerie shopping with you. Or, you could even ask your partner to accompany you and take his suggestions as well!

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