4 Ways To Wear Bridal Tassels

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Tassels have always been a part of Indian bridal couture in some way or the other. The best part about wearing bridal tassels was that it didn’t have to be a loud statement, but playfully reveal itself in a peek-a-boo manner- or at least that was what designers thought up until now. Going by 2017 bridal trends however, tassels are no longer a small part of bridal wear anymore. Instead, they are a fashion statement in themselves. Designers too are going all out to give bridal tassels an exclusive customised appeal. Here are a few ways in which you too can shine at your own wedding:

Waist Tassels

bridal tassels

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bridal tassels

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Those colourful tassels dangling from the waist are looking even better these days. Artwork, motifs, names, slogans, punchlines and in general, anything that’s deemed quirky, is now being worn proudly. Brides don’t mind gifting these tassels to bridesmaids and other friends too. In fact, it’s quite remarkable to note how the right tassel can add much drama to a wedding outfit.

Blouse Tassels

bridal tassels

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bridal tassels

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When worn on a blouse, these bridal tassels can add a high degree of sexiness that would otherwise not be there in a bridal ensemble. The length of the tassels however shouldn’t be overdone- overflowing tassels that are as long as the skirt or which is the full saree length would look unbecoming. Make sure that the tassels aren’t too long and stand out in colour or design.

Footwear Tassels

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bridal tassels

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Would you wear tassels on your feet? Well, why not? When the designs are beautiful and add to the look of the footwear, tassels can make your whole outfit look classy. However, in that case, you should also make sure that your footwear doesn’t have other embellishments like sequins, embroidery or mirror work as the overall effect could be too jarring.

Tassel Jewellery

bridal tassels

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Who knew that bridal tassels could make jewellery look this grand too? We suggest keeping the overall tone simple and letting the tassels do all the talking especially if you plan to wear them in a maang-tikka. Kaliren used in the North are classic examples of  tassels.

Know of any other tassel styles? Let us know in comments below!

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