5 Reasons To Have A New Year’s Eve Wedding

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Getting married on Valentine’s Day is just way too common and saying vows on the same date that you two first met is also boring, so what next? If you and your partner are one of those couples who want to wed on a special day with the guarantee that all your near and dear ones will be there without making any excuses, why not consider getting married on New Year’s Eve? And if the idea appeals to you but you’re still having second doubts about it, allow us to convince you why a New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect once-in-a-year time to celebrate your special day:

Save money on the celebrations

It is New Year’s after all and that means you get to combine your wedding celebration along with a regular party. This also means that your expenses go down considerably and the same people who you want to party with will all be in attendance at your wedding. It’s the perfect win-win situation!

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You get to make the New Year’s resolutions together!

What better way to begin a new relationship and a new journey than by waking up in the morning as husband and wife? It gives a whole new spark and meaning to your relationship too and if you both tend to make resolutions, there’s a good chance that you will stick by them as well.

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You can use sparkly colours in your palette

Always wanted a sparkly wedding? Not surprisingly, most New Year’s Eve weddings feature gorgeous shades like black, gold, shimmery silver and bronze. Go with a wedding theme that mixes and matches all these shades and you’ll love the end result. In effect, you get a classy wedding that has a high party feel to it too.

Guests will have a gala time too

Don’t forget your guests! You can bet that your guests will be more than happy to be a part of a celebration that lets them party the night away and let their hair down. Going with a dress code that lets them be in their party best means that they don’t have to stress about over dressing or under dressing for the occasion. Its a New Year’s Eve wedding after all!

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You can get creative with the favours and gifts

What about party favours? Imagine this- the gift that you give your guests will be the first one that they will be taking home in the New Year. So, get creative and think of little gourmet food baskets which have select chocolates and mini bottles of wine. Or, gift them a whole bottle of wine to take home and enjoy. Just remember to include a thank you message which thanks them for coming to the wedding and which also includes wishes for the New Year. It’s a great way for them to always remember your New Year’s Eve wedding.

On a lighter note, you won’t have to worry about your spouse ever forgetting your anniversary date even twenty years after your new partnership commences.  So, what do you think about a New Year’s Eve wedding? Share your comments and feedback with us.

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