5 Skincare Acidic Peels That You Should Know About

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Acidic peels are slowly becoming a regular ingredient in many beauty treatments and unlike many of the cosmetic beauty products that are available over the counter, acid peels are highly recommended by dermatologists. So effective they can be in addressing a host of skin problems that it’s always advisable to go by what your doctor recommends for your specific skin type.

Firstly, lets look at the two types of acids- AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acid) are a bridal favourite because they are instant complexion boosters and can make skin glow in just one application. BHA’s (beta hydroxyl acid) on the other hand, work deeper to really address dead skin related issues, clogged pores as well as resulting blackheads and whiteheads.

Here are the top 5 skincare acids that you should know about:

Salicylic Acid

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This BHA which is derived from the bark of the willow tree is a well-known bacteria fighter which also helps reduce inflammation and fights acne. It also helps in unclogging pores and reducing the occurrence of blackheads. Commonly recommended for women with oily skin and frequent breakouts, this acid can be found in a host of beauty products ranging from facewashes to serums.

Glycolic Acid

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If roughly textured scrubs just aren’t your thing, then glycolic acid which is an AHA is the answer to turn to. It has many exfoliating properties that have been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and dissolve dead cells without causing inflammation or other skin concerns. Glycolic acid is usually derived from sugar cane and works on all skin types.

Hyaluronic Acid

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If you thought that skincare acids were only meant for brides with oily skin, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Say hello to hyaluronic acid which helps the skin lock in moisture for longer and helps skin look youthful and plump- just what a young bride’s cheeks ought to look like! Moreover, its inherent properties make it a worthwhile anti- aging beauty acid that’s work purchasing. Quick tip- spray water on your face before dabbing it on for max benefits.

Lactic Acid

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Lactic Acid (AHA) is very gentle on the skin because it’s made from milk. So, in addition to gently peeling dead skin slowly and gently, this specific acid helps to keep skin moisturised while simultaneously reducing skin aging symptoms like fine lines as well as pigmentation. Brides who have sensitive skin will greatly benefit from adding lactic acid to their beauty regimes.

Ascorbic Acid

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It’s just another name for Vitamin C but if you didn’t know, Vitamin C not only helps in keeping flu away besides boosting immunity from within, but it also works wonders on the skin in many ways. Ascorbic acid is a very well-known antioxidant that fights a number of skin aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it can also help lighten acne scars and dark spots that come naturally with old age. A good quality skin serum is highly recommended for brides to be who want a natural glow.

Here’s an important tip if you have begun to incorporate skincare acids in your beauty routine. Always make sure that you use them only at night and never step out in the sun without wearing your sunscreen.

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