5 Wedding Hairstyles To Try Out This Wedding Season

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The wedding season is here again and like every other time, most brides to be have the same old issue on their minds: How to look the best?

A lot of effort goes in choosing the right dress and the perfect jewelry to match with it. But, most often, brides tend to overlook a very important aspect that can do wonders to the attire or ruin it completely and that is the wedding hairstyles.

It is very important to pick the right kind of hairstyle that goes well with your attire and also with the accessories you have chosen for yourself and also with your face cut. Sometimes we just try to follow the trend but its very important to know that something that might be very trendy might not look very good on you and something that is considered completely old fashioned might actually make you look like the princess you want to be on your wedding day.

So, before your wedding day try to make sure you have discussed with your stylist about what hairstyle would suit you the best and why only discuss go one step ahead and try it. This will give you a very good idea about what would look the best on you.

To help you out a little on what hairstyles you could try, we have made a small list of five great bridal hairstyles for an Indian bride:

  • The Classic Braid: One of the most common hairstyles used very often by the Indian brides with long beautiful hair is the classic braid. You can have your long hair styled in a braid decorated by flowers or jewelry at each twist till the end. There are many different types of jewelry pieces available for such hairstyle. For those who don’t have long hair and still want to go for this hairstyle, hair extensions is a great idea.

the classic braid-Wedding hairstyles

  • Traditional Bun: The traditional bun is again one very commonly used hairstyle by the Indian brides. This hairstyle gives a voluminous look to the hair and also goes well with the traditional bridal attire like the sarees and the lehngas.  .Traditional Bun-Wedding hairstyles for Indian brides
  • The Pompadour:The pompadour is one hairstyle that will give you a proper chic look if coupled with correct styling products, along with the right positioning of the maang-teeka. This stylish coif can give you a completely different look. Make sure you have tried this style once or twice before the wedding day to get the perfect look on your D-day.
  • pompadour
  • Flirty feathers:  This is a low maintenance that takes less time and can look perfect with a very little effort from your side. Match it with some heavy jewelry like a nice mang-tika and matching earrings. You can use a blower or a curling iron to give an extra bounce to your hair by curling the tips. Whether you want a side parting or a center parting is entirely up to you.
  • Wedding hairstyles for the Indian bride


  • Honey-comb Bun: The honey comb bun is a slight variation to the normal bun. In this a little volume is added to the bun by giving an extra touch to the hairstyle. You can have this hairstyle made up if your hair is long enough to be tied in a ponytail. A mang-tika can be added as a perfect accessory to this hairstyle.

honey-comb bun-Wedding hairstyles for the Indian bride

You might pick out something from this list or do a little more research and choose the right one with help of your stylist. Do let us know which is your favourite hairstyle.


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