6 Face Masks You Need To Try For Radiant Skin Today

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We promised you that we would be taking a closer look at face masks which suit a range of skin types and which are highly suitable for you anytime you feel the need to try on a bit of face mask bingeing. With so many varieties to choose from, we know that it can get a tad confusing, but hey, your efforts are worth it when it comes to treating your skin to the best in beauty products:

Splash Masks

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Image courtesy Beauty Brawn

For years, we wondered what could be the secret behind the porcelain skin that Korean women are so proud of. And now, we know! Splash masks have been a part of Korean beauty regimes for years. What first started out as a simple mask made from rice water today is an awesome cocktail of antioxidants, lactic acid and glycerine to moisturise the skin. Here’s a bigger bonus- all you need is to put the diluted mix on your face for less than a minute and you get the same effect as a 20 minute face mask. We think this is the perfect solution for busy women!

Sheet Masks

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Image courtesy Milk Mochi

Yes, they look like they’ve been inspired by Halloween, but we promise you that you’ll love the way your skin feels after you have tried one on. Most sheet masks are available in cellulose or cotton and contain ample amount of serum as well as other active ingredients to treat a host of skin troubles. In fact, experts also recommend wearing a skin mask at least for a few hours after you hit snooze or till the mask dries on your skin. Many beauty brands retail sheet face masks which promise to reduce wrinkles, revise ageing and make you look younger.

Mud and Clay Masks

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Image courtesy Am Laser Clinic

Ask your grandma for suggestions on the best face mask to use and she will most likely tell you to try multani mitti or Fullers Earth. Mud and clay masks contain so many minerals and are usually gentle on the skin. Besides this, multani mitti can also be mixed along with haldi for a natural yellow glow. Clay and mud based face masks are superb for oily skin as well as they soak up any extra oils naturally without causing any skin disruptions.

Hydrating Masks

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Image courtesy She Knows

Do you know that stretchy feeling on your skin, just when you’re getting ready for a party and want to look your best? Try on a hydrating mask to kick dryness away. As the name suggests, these masks are specially prepared with ingredients that are known to boost the skin’s natural moisture so that you feel fresh, clean and ready to take on the world in just 15 minutes. Contrary to popular myths, women with oily skin too can and should use hydrating masks every once in a way. It’s as good as quenching your skin’s thirst in minutes!

Exfoliating Masks

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There’s no use complaining about sun damaged dull skin, when there’s a fresh layer underneath just waiting to be seen. Exfoliation is an important part of any beauty skin regime and masks which contain a good concentration of Vitamin C or glycolic acid are just what you need to slough away dead cells in minutes. We suggest putting this mask on till it dries out completely because as you wash your face afterwards, you’ll also get rid of any hidden dirt and grime simultaneously.

Sleeping Masks

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Image courtesy B Beauty Arabia

Nobody said that you couldn’t pamper your skin as you catch a few winks and you don’t have to be a night owl to ensure that your skin is soaking up all the goodness in the mask. Simply slap on your mask and drift off into dream world as the active ingredients work on removing the effects of the sun on your skin and priming it for the next day ahead. Sleeping face masks are available to treat a number of concerns- from keeping your skin moisturised to fighting off sun damage to erasing years off your face; there’s a solution to all skin woes. However, we suggest going with a sleeping mask that doesn’t have a high concentration of acids or AHA’s so that skin irritations do not arise.

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