How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

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We’ve already read about ‘How to Eat Right for Your Body Shape’. Now let’s understand ‘How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’. It is quite important to know to dress correctly as all eyes would be on you. You want to make a lasting impression as a beautiful bride who is dressed to perfection. We often tend to blame a dress or its lousy fitting for not looking our best, but most of the times it is due to the fact that we don’t dress to suit our body shape. We try to follow the latest trends or just wear what we see on models and filmstars. Understanding your body shape is the first step towards dressing right -be it for a wedding or even day to day basis. Most women fall into one of the five major body shapes: Apple, Pear, Inverted Pyramid, Hourglass and Rectangle.

To dress right for your body shape you must know in which of the above five categories you fall into. It is quite simple: Take your own measurements. Take a tape measure and note the size of your shoulders, chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs. If your shoulders are the largest then you are an inverted triangle. Largest chest measurements are pears. If you are heavy around the hips, you are an apple. Hourglass figures have equal chest and hips readings with narrow waist. With all measurements nearly the same, you are a rectangle. Thighs and arms measurement only help you identify the problem areas. They can also help you determine the length of sleeves and dresses.

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

Now let’s see how we can make the most of our body shape by dressing accordingly:

Apple: If you have an apple shape, your best bet is to wear dresses that draw attention to your neck and long slender arms and feet. Wear clothes that show off your waist. You can wear belted dresses or the ones that show your midriff. Also keep the neckline open to create an illusion. Try to stick to an overall colour. Separating your top and bottom with different colours would emphasize the unwanted areas like chest and hips. We definitely want to avoid that! Sharara pattern with long top and umbrella ghaghra will look best on you. They should be fitted at the right places like your bust and waist line.

Pear: Pears are opposites of apples, so they have heavy bottoms. All your efforts must be directed to make them look slender. Flowing ghaghra with a short choli will be the look for you. It will help conceal the ample hips and accentuate your slim waist. Try to wear patterns that are broader at the ankles like straight fit or flared pants. Use flowing materials for bottoms but structured tops.

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

Inverted Pyramid: Since you have broad shoulders and narrow waist and hips, you must focus on taking the attention away from your shoulders and bust. A small jacket over a fitted dress is the best look for you. Wear a full umbrella ghagra and drape a dupatta over your short choli. Try to avoid boat necks and shoulder pads. Wear flared bottoms to balance your broad shoulders.

Hourglass: Your slim waist is your most envied body part and you should take every opportunity to show it off. Wear good fitting clothes that off your curves. Avoid flowing garments that hide your shape. Instead wear well structured dresses that accentuate your perfect shape. Fish cut ghaghra with a blouse up to your waist will look best on you. You can wear a studded belt around your waist to add pop.How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

Rectangle: Almost any dress looks good on you. Since all your measurements are almost same, it is important to accentuate your curves. Anarkali dresses and patiala pyjama with short kurta look excellent on you. Try to stay away from single colour throughout the body. To give angles to the rectangular body shape use different colours and textures.

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