6 Smart Ways to Not Overspend on Wedding

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So, the engagement ceremony is over and now it’s time to plan the wedding. Stop right there and read this article first! Why? So that you won’t overspend on your wedding. Did you know that  more and more couples are experiencing post-wedding guilt trips after overshooting their preset budget?  Well, after all, we are talking about not any ordinary event, but your big-fat-Indian-wedding! To avoid overshooting your wedding budget, all you need is a few measures….

 6 smart ways to not overspend on your wedding without any compromises

1. Resist the temptation: That’s one of the biggest reasons why people end up breaking their budget. No budget can ever define an ideal wedding:  it’s the happiness, the joy, the excitement and all the intangible assets which make a wedding perfect. So, if you can resist the temptation of spending ‘just a bit more’ to make your D-day the best one you have it covered.

2. Niceties Vs. Necessities: Get ready for the toughest battle of differentiating between these two factors. This battle of “I need this” vs “I need this because others are doing this etc” can be taxing for your pocket if not handled properly.

3. ‘Exclusive’ Guest list:  Do keep your guest list ‘short’ -you definitely do not need to invite the entire city! Look at Bollywood celebrities like Rani Mukherjee or the newlywed Shreya Ghoshal;even these famous personalities decided to keep a very small list of chosen guests for their wedding. Stick to the same theory and you will be with the ‘trends.’

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4. Plan it all early: As early as possible, to say the least. People often set a budget then take time to arrange everything and when they go for booking halls or catering service etc, the last minute discounts slip away and they end up overspending. Hence, it’s wiser to book the venue, caterer first and then look for a match.

5. Click freak friends: Yes, stay in touch with them who are quite good with their DSLRs. They’d love to shoot their best friend’s wedding. And, of course, you will be saved from giving 20% of your wedding budget to a pro. Also, newbie photographers can be a good choice. While they will be excited to create their portfolio, you will be saving tons.

6. Impulsive last minute decisions: Call it peer pressure or relatives’ pressure; people will inevitably pour in their special comments and suggestions on the wedding day. “This should be done,” “that has to be bought,” “get some more flowers and sweets” and so on.  And, before you know it, money will slip out of your purse . Try not to let this happen. Do not  let anything influence you to spend on items you have not planned for initially.

Finally: remember to stay calm and consider it as your life’s most important project where you are the project manager, and everything will surely go as planned.

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