6 Things To Do For That Bridal Glow A Month Before The Wedding

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A perfect wedding requires months of planning and precise execution of those plans. Talking about planning, picking your bridal outfit or hiring the best wedding planners is perhaps the least troublesome of all the tasks you can think of. And when it comes to looking picture-perfect then the bridal outfit has little role to play. For that natural bridal glow, you have to work on a beauty routine and strictly follow it for a month (at least) before the wedding. Here’s a list of 6 things which you must do for a month before the wedding for that beautiful bridal glow-

1. Take a multi vitamin-mineral pill

For the natural bridal glow, you need certain beauty vitamins. These will not only give you a glowing skin; they will make your hair shinier and longer. Not sure how to start? Talk to your physician and start eating a healthy diet. Include bananas and peanut butter in the diet since they have biotin which is a basic beauty vitamin. Try and include at least 35 mcg of Biotin everyday for at least 15 days before the wedding. Biotin reduces hair loss and makes your nails stronger. Iron is another beauty nutrient that should be in your platter. Seafood, spinach, dry fruits and nuts, and fortified cereals and breads are some of the food items rich in iron.

2. Start a basic skincare regimen

If you haven’t already, it is time to start a skincare regimen. Make sure you follow a cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine on a regular basis. Try and gently exfoliate twice a week to get that flawless skin before your wedding.

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3. Work on your fitness and nutrition goals

Install an useful app if you’re lazy or busy to make and stick to a fitness and nutrition plan. Let those apps take care of your routine. It’s important to look and feel healthy besides flaunting that bridal glow. Choose a fitness routine that suits your needs and time. It can be yoga or gym training with weights, just try not to over-exhaust yourself in the process.

4. Date with dermatologist

If you are thinking of invasive chemical treatments for your skin, now is the right time to do it. Arrange a meeting with a dermatologist or a cosmetician. Certain treatments have long lasting effects. So, if there’s an issue with it,you need to have ample time to fix it.Start chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other treatments early to get desired results before your wedding.

6 things to do for a bridal glow a month before the wedding

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5. Eat fruits and vegetables

Organic and fresh fruits and vegetables can do wonder to your skin. Choose fruits like watermelons or cantaloupes that have high water content to keep the skin hydrated. Include lettuce, berries, broccoli and grapefruits in your plate, for the same reason.

6. Sleep

Perhaps, that’s the best thing you can do to your skin and overall health. No matter how many projects you have to finish before taking a month-long leave, don’t give your sleep a miss. Those dark circles can spoil all the efforts you made to get that bridal glow. So, sleep, as much as you can.

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