8 Tips To Know Before You Propose Marriage To Him

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We are so used to the usual love story of guy proposing to girl on a bended knee that the very thought of a girl proposing marriage first seems out of place. But, then again; today’s modern Indian woman knows just what she wants and more importantly, how to get it. So, why shouldn’t the girl propose marriage with a ring in hand, if she believes that it’s meant to be? We say go for it!

So, here are 9 tips you should know about before you pop the question to him. It’s really fun to be taking him by surprise isn’t it?

Talk to his parents- Yes, don’t you want to know if they are willing to accept you as their daughter-in-law first? Besides, if you are already on good terms with them, you could even rope in their help to make your proposal all the more fun.

To Ring or Not to Ring– Of course the best way to propose is by getting him an engagement ring! Not sure about the finger size? Then, how about a chain to wear or even an engraved watch?

Get a Photographer– Just imagine this- it’s going to make for a wonderful story to tell your grandkids someday. And when you have the photos to prove that you made the first move, it’ll make you the coolest grandma to have too. However, leaving kids aside, it’s a great love story to tell anybody!

Plan the Moment- So, where do you want to propose? At the place where you two first met? At your favourite restaurant? At home? At his home? The venue is half the fun so choose one that holds a special meaning for you both.

Fly Solo or With Buddies- There’s no shame in asking for a bit of help from your near and dear ones, especially when it comes to proposals. Let your friends be a part of the special moment because the celebration after will be that much sweeter.

Go Digital- No, you don’t really have to propose in person. How about recording a proposal to him and uploading it on YouTube or sending it to him via WhatsApp? You can even hire a professional software expert to help you put together the cutest proposal video ever.

Go Vacay- Don’t want him to have even the smallest idea of what you’re planning? Then, why not take a short trip together, just the two of you and make that an unforgettable journey to remember?

Don’t Stress- Sure, it’s the first time you’re actually proposing marriage to a guy but if you are pretty sure that’s just what you want, then stop overthinking about the outcome. You’ll do great!

Be100% Sure- Are you a thousand times sure that this is the guy for you and that marriage is the next natural outcome of your relationship? Then don’t hesitate to be the one to propose.

If you have a favourite proposal story to tell us, write in to us today. We love to hear to hear from our readers and if our article has inspired you to put conventional methods of romance aside, then all the very best!

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