Ask The Expert: “What Makeup Colours Will Suit My Wheatish Complexion?” Farah Charania Answers

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We teamed up with bridal makeup artist Farah Charania, founder of Farah Charania Makeovers to help brides answer some common questions that come to mind. Get important bridal makeup and hair tips from Farah:

1) What makeup colours suit the wheatish complexion the best? What are the best lipstick colours for this complexion?

  When it comes to selecting the right color for a wheatish complexion, it is very important to keep the following things in mind, epecially when selecting the foundation – the skin type/ the skin texture as well as most importantly the skin shade. Having a wheatish skin tone means that you have to make sure you choose a foundation which is closest to that skin tone. Going a shade up or down is okay, but a few shades up or down can turn you ghostly or grey.Remember: your beauty will outshine when you are comfortable in your own skin. Then, even a simple touch of base, eye-liner and lipstick will do wonders. In terms of lipstick for wheatish skin tones, it is best if you opt for plum, mauve, coral or brown shades; do avoid using orange or light pink shades as they don’t blend well with wheatish skin.

2) What are some of the best makeup products for the wedding day?

 Since we live in a climate which is quiet humid,the best options would be to opt for HD Waterproof makeup -so the chances of your makeup getting washed off or breaking down during the event will minimize and you can enjoy your wedding stress free. The best available products in this range are from Kryolan/Bobbi Brown/ Mac/ Nars. These days, Silicone based makeup is a huge trend – it is like a thin sheet of makeup on the skin which doesn’t penetrate is.. so brides with sensitive skin can be assured that their makeup wont damage their skin, clog pores or lead to any kind of irritation.

3) What is the average cost of wedding makeup artist in India, specifically Mumbai? What should I look for in my makeup artist?

     The average cost of Wedding Makeup Artist is from 18000 INR and you can be assured of the best services in the HD Package and airbrush makeovers.
     The following points needs to be considered while you hire your makeup artist-
  •   Years of Experience
  •   Client Feedback.
  •  Package range
  •  Bridal Pics before and after
  • Thorough discussion on your expectations-is the professional willing to take time to discuss your concerns?
  • Things provided in trial session. (I have had many  brides telling me that for trial sessions they just got a basic outline of what could be done with no detailed discussion or actual work).
  • Lehenga/ sarees draping service.


4) Would you advise an Indian bride to do her bridal makeup at home? If yes, what are the typical steps?

Yes, for many small events at home, I would suggest her to do her basic makeup and styling with help from her best friends or sisters.However, for the main bridal day, I would surely recommend she hire a professional makeup artist and hair stylist and just relax for the day. A professional will know what her problem areas are and cover those up for her so she can be happy and confident knowing she is looking her very best. That being said, I always recommend that every girl knows some basic DIY makeup steps- I will be soon launching some videos on how to do engagement makeup and styling at home or bridal makeup and styling at home. Here are a few standard steps that one needs to follow –
Moisturize – based on your skin type you have to moisturize your skin (gel based for oily skin and oil based for dry skin).
Use a Primer – apply a fine layer of primer on your skin as that helps make your makeup last longer and also acts as a fine barrier between your skin and makeup to protect your pores from getting clogged.
Apply Concealer – conceal the dark spots or shadows on your face using an orange color generally around under eyes corner of nose and lips and chin and on the pimples, if you have any. Similarly, if you have redness on your skin you need to cut it out with a green shade of concealer.
Use a Foundation – pick the right shade for the foundation and apply it evenly all over the face (while selecting the shade see to it that you check the same on your wrist or the neck)
Set with a loose powder – set the foundation with a loose powder as it can help in keeping the makeup longer.
Apply an eye shadow – apply the eye base and work your way through with nude eyes or smokey eyes. Finish off the same with the eyeliner and mascara.
Contour and highlights – contour your face with the bronzer and highlight your cheek bones. Apply the blush complimenting the lip shade you have used and voila you are done!
Do not forget to finish off with a makeup fixing spray.

5) What colours do you use for eye makeup for dark skin tones?

 Black Eye liners are best for those with darker skin tone. I prefer using shimmery colors as they look great with dark skin stone; the best colours in eye shadow for dark skin tones are bronze, gold, copper, emerald greens, sapphire blue, grays and metallic shades. Smokey eyes with shimmers  look amazing on such complexions.

6) How much does an average wedding hair and wedding makeup trial cost?

The average trial cost for Wedding Hair & Makeup is 20% of the official Bridal Package Price. However, in case of many looks for the bride i.e. the Bridal / Reception / Sangeet -then the bride can ask for complimentary trial session. On an average your makeup artist must be willing to give you 60 mins to 120 mins for the discussion and trial.
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